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Ring Murukku | Instant Ring Murukku Recipe

Hi Supermoms,

Hope you are all doing well. I am sure you must be busy with Janmashtami preparations. I am sure some of you who have been following me on instagram must be aware that my kitchen is under renovation and I am using a small single burner gas stove to do my regular cooking. It does take a long time to finish my cooking. But this shortcoming cannot deter me from uploading a few quick, simple easy recipes for Gokulashtami. I have already shared Kai Murukku recipe with you all using home made rice flour and urad dal. Today, I am sharing an interesting variation of murukku- the Ring Murukku. Though there are different recipes for making this  murukku, I used this quick, simple and 'no soak' recipe to make murukku. I have used cooked mung dal and ready made rice flour to make this recipe. 

It turned out crisp and extremely delicious! I am sure your murukku will turn out more crunchy and better looking . Do give it a try!

Special Thanks: Mrs. Meenakshi Gururaj
References : Mangayar Malar September 2009 - Sweet-karam 64 , Mallika Badrinath's 100 varieties of Murukku 

Ring Murukku | Instant Ring Murukku Recipe :

Preparation time : 5 minutes
Cooking time : 45 minutes
1 cup= 250 ml cup
Special Vessel : Using Iron kadahi/pan will give excellent colour to the murukku.
Serves : 6-8
Storage : 3-4 days when stored in an air tight container.

Ingredients :

1/2 cup husked green gram/mung dal/moong dal
2 cups rice flour 
2 teaspoons maida/ all purpose flour
2 teaspoons red chilli powder ( adjust)
salt to taste
oil for frying ( I used rice bran oil)

Note: You can add few sesame seeds in the dough . I did not add them.

Method :

1. Wash and boil the moong dal .
Tip: You can add water just covering the dal and cook using an inner vessel in a pressure cooker.
2. Mash the dal and add chilli powder, salt and keep it aside.

3. In a kadai or pan, dry roast the rice flour till they turn are lightly roasted.
Tip: Roast the rice flour in low flame continuously stirring it.

4. Now add the boiled and mashed moong mixture and stir to mix well.
5. When the flour comes together and is one thick firm ball , switch off.
Tip: This is the most important step in the recipe. Make sure that the dough does not have too much moisture. 

6. Grease your hands and pinch small portions of the dough.
7.Shape them into long strips by giving gentle pressure between your palms.
8. Join the ends to make a ring .

Tip: If you have a 'thenguzal acchu' in your murukku press ( the plate with a single hole ) then you can make thin strips , cut into equal length and then join the ends. It will make your work easier. I did not have the attachment, so did it manually. 

9. Repeat the same for the entire batch.
Tip: You can place the shaped murukku in vazhai illai( plantain leaf/banana leaf) or butter paper. 
10. Heat oil in an iron kadai and when the oil reaches the right temperature to fry, gently drop the shaped murukku and fry them over medium flame.

The oil was too hot ( as it took long time to shape them) and the murukku browned faster for me. To avoid this, follow the tips below.

Tip : To check if the oil is of right temperature, drop a small piece of dough, if it sizzles and rises, then the oil is ready. Do not allow the oil to smoke . This might will result is half cooked murukku. Refer here for more tips on making bakshanam.
11. Fry the entire batch in the same method.

Your delicious , nutritious and crunchy Ring Murukku is ready !

Ring Murukku | Instant Ring Murukku Recipe

Trouble Shooting :

1. If the murukku is too hard, then add few drops of hot oil in the dough, mix and then make the remaining batch.
2. If the murukku is soggy, then you need to check the temperature of oil and there is every possibility that the dough has more moisture. 
3. If the murukku is taking too much time to cook or you are unable to shape them, then add more rice flour to the dough and make it more stiff.
4. If the murukku is breaking while shaping, then add a few drops of water and try shaping it again.
5. Most importantly, even experts have good and bad days while making such snacks. So do not give up, practice makes one perfect, is'nt it? Home made Snacks is surely more healthy than shop ones. 

My best wishes to you and your family for a blessed festival. 

Happy Cooking!

With love,


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