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Upma Pesarattu | MLA Pesarattu | Speciality Dosai Recipe from Andhra Pradesh | Gluten Free and Vegan Recipe |

MLA Pesarattu

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This 'Attu' meaning crepe/dosai is a popular dish through out India. Pesarattu is made from the batter of green moong beans ( whole) soaked and ground along with spices like green chillies and ginger. Some even like to add grated coconut while grinding the batter to increase the taste of the dosai . Stuffing 'home style' onion rava upma inside the pesarattu and serving it was first started in the MLA Canteen ( which served food for the MLA's) and so this Upma Pesarattu is also known as MLA Pesarattu. It is a complete meal by itself and is usually served with the spicy Allam Pachadi ( ginger chutney).

In addition to the regular Pesarattu batter, I added a handful of Bathua greens ( you can also add spinach, raw) to give the pesarattu more vibrant green colour as well as increase the nutritional value of the dosai. 

Upma Pesarattu | MLA Pesarattu :

Preparation time : 3 hours 
Cooking time : 20 minutes
Serves : 4-6
Special Equipment/vessel : tawa/skillet , kadai/wok
1 cup =250 ml

Ingredients :

4 cups Pesarattu batter
1 cup  spinach leaves ( fresh ) ( washed and chopped)
1 tablespoon sesame oil

For upma :

2 cups Rava upma ( add finely chopped onions while making the upma )

Method :

1. Heat a tawa and pour and spread the pesarattu batter just like making the regular dosa.
2. Drizzle oil on the sides of the dosa and flip and cook so that they are done on both sides.
3. Place a ladle ful of upma on the pesarattu just before removing it from the tawa, fold the pesarattu and serve hot.

Delicious, wholesome Pesarattu is ready to be served. I served it Allam pachadi.  Yummy !!

Upma Pesarattu

Happy Cooking !

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