Monday, February 20, 2017

Breads | Popular Bread Recipes from Around the World

Hi Supermoms,

There are thousands of bread varieties in the World. Here are some popular bread varieties that you can try at home. I have made a separate compilation for breads so that it will be be easy to refer. 

Bread Baking Basics - how to make a yeast dough

1. Focaccia ( Whole Wheat Bread)

2. Focaccia ( herbs and cheese)

6. Olive Bread ( with cheese)

7. Tortilla ( with spinach)

8. Bun ( small)

9. Whole wheat buns ( crusty)

11. Pizza Bread ( deep dish)

17. Stuffed Buns ( bakery style)

21. Fatayer ( also fish rolls)

23. Roll up breads( cresent)

27. Aloo Paratha ( potato)

28. Mooli Paratha( radish)

29. Gobi Paratha ( cauliflower)

Will keep adding more to this list.

Happy Cooking !

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