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Senai Kuzhambu | Yam Kuzhambu | Tamil Nadu Style Yam Curry

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I am always excited to share new , interesting and healthy recipes with all of you. Elephant Foot Yam /Jimmikand( Hindi)/Senai Kizhangu ( Tamil)/Suran ( Bihari)/Pulla Ganda (Telugu) is so beneficial for our health. Rich in dietary fibre and Vitamin C , Yam is also a low calorie root vegetable and is considered as a 'slimming food'. It helps in the  secretion of the hormone estrogen and is beneficial for ladies to maintain their hormonal balance. It regulates the bowel movement and cleanses our system from toxins.

So, do include this healthy vegetable in your weekly diet. The Tamil Nadu Style Senai Kuzhambu recipe is unique and flavourful one. It is filled with the flavours of cilantro/coriander leaves and is spiced using fresh green chillies. 

For those who have never cooked this vegetable and are going to make this curry/kuzhambu for the first time, here are important points that you need to keep in mind for prepping the Yam.

Steps to clean and marinate Yam : 

1. Grease your hands with oil before you start peeling and cutting the yam. This helps to avoid itching of the skin .
2. You can marinate the yam in juice of 1 lemon for 30 minutes before  cooking them. This is to avoid any kind of  skin/body irritation caused by certain varieties of yam.
3. It is always a good idea to use any kind of souring ingredients like lemon or tamarind in the curry . 

Senai Kuzhambu:

Preparation time : 30 minutes
Cooking time : 30 minutes
Serves : 4
1 cup = 250 ml cup 

Ingredients :

250 gms Senai Kizhangu/Elephant Food Yam ( chopped into medium size cubes and marinated in lemon juice)
2 tomatoes ( finely chopped)
gooseberry size tamarind ( soak in 1 cup warm water and extract juice)
1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder
salt to taste

For the Kuzhambu Spice Paste :

1 tablespoon toor  dal/ arhar dal/toor dal/ pigeon peas 
1 tablespoon moong dal /split and husked green gram 
1 cup cilantro/ coriander leaves ( chopped)
4-5 green chillies ( adjust according to the variety of chilli used)
1/4 cup fresh coconut ( chopped)
4-5 garlic pods 
4-5 sambar onions 
2 teaspoons  oil ( I use sesame oil)

For tempering :

2 teaspoons oil 
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
1 sprig curry leaves ( roughly torn)


1. Heat a pan with oil and roast the ingredients( dals separately) given for the spice paste ( except coconut ) and transfer it to the jar of a mixer.

2. Add coconut and grind them to a smooth paste using less water and set it aside.

3. Heat a kadai/ pan with oil over medium flame  and temper with mustard and curry leaves ( I used home made Curry leaves powder).
4. Now add tomatoes, turmeric powder, salt and wait for the tomatoes to break down and become soft.

5. Now add the yam/ senai and the tamarind juice. 
6. Cover and allow the yam to cook till it is cooked ( not mushy) .
Chef tip : Adjust water levels while the yam is cooking.
7. Once the yam is cooked, add the ground spice paste and allow it to cook for another 4-5 minutes, adjusting water and salt if necessary.

8. Switch off and garnish with cilantro leaves ( optional ). 

Your Tamil Nadu Style Senai Kuzhambu is ready. 

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Happy Cooking !

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