Saturday, August 19, 2017

Ash Gourd Recipes | Health benefits of Ash Gourd | Food Facts By Masterchefmom

Ash gourd | Health Benefits of Ash Gourd

Hi Supermoms,

Along with recipes posts, I also wanted to share the health benefits of eating  vegetables. Ash Gourd/White pumpkin is commonly used in India in various preparations. It is filled with health benefits and it is wise to include ash gourd regularly in our diet. You can even drink the juice ( raw) of ash gourd on empty stomach for maximum nutrient absorption. You can also boil ash gourd, puree them and use it as a base to make North Indian Curries. 

Here are a few ash gourd recipes for you to try from my blog. 

Kashi Halwa ( Ash Gourd Dessert)

Tirunelveli Style Mor Kuzhambu ( Tangy Curd Curry)

Olan  ( Kerala Style Ash Gourd Stew)

Happy Cooking !

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