Wednesday, December 12, 2018

SUPER Food at your doorstep

SUPER Food at your doorstep

Hi Supermoms,

Hope you are well. 

I had a very busy last couple of days . Winter has set in and that means shorter day time. 

By the time I finish cooking breakfast and winding up , it is time for lunch and by the time I clean the kitchen counter, it is time to plan dinner. 

After a marathon cooking session this weekend, I decided to take a break, Swiggy some food and relax with my family.  When we order as a family, not all of us agree on one dish or a particular cuisine. My daughter likes to order Indo-Chinese , my son loves his Pizza , I love to order kulchas and my hubby loves some chaat or snack like Kachoris. But if there is one thing we all love in common, it is the Biryani. My husband grew up in Hyderabad and loves his vegetable Biryani. He was the first to introduce us to the world of Biryanis. 

SUPER Food at your doorstep

Whether it is Hyderabadi or Andhra style, Awadhi or Afghani, Soya or Paneer, Classic or Charcoal biryani, we like to try and taste different varieties of Biryanis from good restaurants. Flavourful and mildly spicy salan with an onion raita compliments the biryani so well. Since we are order at the same time from multiple restaurants, we used to end up paying delivery charges on each order. This is when I came to know about the Swiggy Super.

 As a Swiggy SUPER member, you get free delivery all the time from all restaurants on any order above Rs. 99. 

With Swiggy Super, ordering food has become has become a great cost saver for me. 

Yesterday I ordered Vegetable Biryani with Salan, Kachori Sabzi and Gulab Jamuns for lunch after becoming a Swiggy SUPER member. Not only I got delivery in super quick time, I got them delivered free of cost.

Well, I  feel SUPER excited that I am able to make savings by joining Swiggy SUPER.  I am a SUPER now. Are you ?

With Love,


*This is a sponsored post 

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