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Hi Supermoms,

" Cooking is my meditation. Creating delicious and wholesome food filled with love and creativity and watching people relish it , is my daily dose of happiness". 

I have been sharing my passion  through my blog , my instagram and my facebook accounts . In this process I also am also getting to learn and explore  so many cuisines, ingredients and also food cultures . Each time I get featured by media or when you cook my recipe and share your feedback, I am extremely motivated to create and experiment more in my kitchen. Thankful to all readers and publishers for the amazing features. 

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  19. My recipes have been published in JFW ( A leading Life Style Magazine ) - 5 Vegetarian Curry Recipes from India that will make you forget meat
  20. Featured in Femina ( Leading Magazine for Women) along with 2 recipes.
  21. All India Winner - Netflix My Chef's Table Instagram Contest ( Only One from India ) 
  22. My picture features as the Best Food Photography on Internet 

24. Masterchefmom Featured in Karnataka's Oldest and Popular English Newspaper ' Deccan Herald'.

25. Masterchefmom Featured in Hindustan Times among popular Chefs 

26. Masterchefmom Featured as one among World's Best Food Instagrammer 

27. Featured in HT Life Style 

28. Healthy Cooking Tips featured by Diabetes Council 

29. Masterchefmom featured among Top 100 Asian Food Blogs .

30. Featured in NDTV Good Times 

31. Featured in  The Hindu' Metro Plus'.

32. My Fusion Recipe featured in Hindustan Times .

33. Featured in Huffington Post .

34. My Interview in July Edition of Photography Magazine , Chiiz.

35. Featured in the article  'Top Food Bloggers share their favourite dishes from around the world ' . Read the entire article here.

36. Visited Los Angeles to meet World Famous Chef Nancy Silverton as the Indian Ambassador for Netflix Asia on June 14th , 2017.

37.  My Story featured  in Vikhroli Cucina. Read the complete article here .

38. Announced as a Finalist among 30,000 nominations in the Best Food Instagram Category of the Prestigious Saveur Blog Awards, 2017. 

39. Featured in Scoop Whoop . Read the full article here

40. My photograph ( Aadi Perruku lunch platter) features in 

41. Featured in Saveur Magazine , read the full article here -  Six Stunning Instagram Accounts to Follow 

42. Guest Speaker in The Indian Restaurant Congress, New Delhi , 2017. 

43. Featured in TIMES NOW - 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow if you are a FOODIE .

44. Featured in JFW Magazine ( September 2017 Edition ) - Queen Bees of Digital Media 

44. The prestigious Saveur Blog Award Winner for BEST FOOD INSTAGRAM ( Reader's Choice) in a glittering Ceremony held on October 2nd, 2017 in Charleston, South Carolina, United States . 

45. Read my Views on how ' Food and Tech can Work Together'.

46. India Today features my food photograph . 

47. The only Indian Food Blog to be featured as 'Best Food Blogs of 2017' alongside some of the best food blogs in the world. 

48. Short listed for the 2017 Best ORIGINAL Recipe Blogger Award by Better Homes and Gardens Magazine and Social Samosa. 

49. Nominated for the Best Indian Food Blog 2017 Award by IndiBlogger.

50. Stoked to be mentioned in this article by the popular website 'TheKitchn'. 

51. Won the Best Indian Food Blog Award 2017 in the regional category in the prestigious IndiBlogger Awards. 

52. Featured in this article by Social Samosa. 

Read the full article here 

53. Featured in this article by Media India . Read full article here.

54. Featured in the article" 10 Food Instagram Accounts you need to follow now" .

55. Featured in this International Magazine  sharing  " 5 Best Indian Food Blog "

56. Masterchefmom among the 100 Most Incredible Food Bloggers of India. Read here.

57. Featured in Hindustan Times BRUNCH Magazine ( 1 April, 2018) as INDIA'S BEST FOOD BLOGS . 

58. Featured in Men's Health Magazine in this article .

59. My Interview featured in Loofre Magazine.  

Read the FULL interview here.

61. Featured and Awarded as TOP 10 Vegan Food Bloggers 2018 

62. My Work featured by Conde Nast Traveller . Read the article here .

63. Guest Speaker in Indian Restaurant Congress , 2018 .

64. Certified Ayurvedic Chef from the Kerala Ayurveda Academy.

65. Featured as India's TOP FOOD BLOGGER . Read the full article here .

66. My Food Photography featured in The Scroll

67. My Christmas Baking Workshop for Children , covered in The New Indian Express. Click here for the entire article. 

68. Featured as India's Top Food Blogger . Read the complete article here.

69. Special Feature by SAVEUR MAGAZINE . Read the article here .

70. My Pongal recipes and my interview featured in the New Indian Express dated 11.1.2019

71. Featured in the Valentine's Day Article by DNA India .

72. Panelist in the esteemed Times Food Lovers Meet , Delhi , March 2019. 

73. Stoked to be featured by National Geographic , UK . Read the full interview here

74. Humbled by this Women's Day Feature by APB Cookstudio.

My Blog and recipe Featured in this article on Zero Waste Management . Read the full article here.

75. Masterchefmom featured as Top Instagram Food Influencer  across the globe. 

76. Honoured to receive the Torch Bearer Blogger Award from Millennial Worx , Lucknow in July, 2019.

77. Featured in this article as Best Indian Food Bloggers in the Industry

 78.  Featured in this article about my instagram .

79. Featured in this article as India's Six Top Food Blogger.

 80.  My views on Indian Superfoods published in this article in The 

81. My interview on Blogging published by Smart Home Guide. Read the full interview here .

82. Featured in this article by Creatorshala.

83. Shared my tips on Cleaning vegetables to The New Indian Express readers. You can click here to read the article . 

84. Stoked by this feature in Eenadu, the No.1 Newspaper in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. 

85. Featured by YOUR STORY in this article

86.  Featured in this article by IDIVA titled 6 Indian Food Bloggers Who Are Worth Following On Instagram. Read the article here

87.  Featured in this article ' 100 Digital Creators of the Decade who redefined content' by Social Ketchup.

88. Shared my recipes on All India Radio, FM Rainbow in the Magalir Mattum/Women Special Programme. 

89. My Recipes featured on JFW , Jan 2020 issue. 

90. Featured in this article as 'Top 5 Photographers in India' .Read the article here.

91. Nominated for the Best Instagrammer Award by Living Foods Channel . 

92. Stoked to share that I was announced as the winner in  the prestigious Living Foodz Epicurean Guild Awards 2020 .

93. Featured in this article By Freeksout

94. The Prestigious Living Foodz Epicurean Guild Awards 2020. Humbled to receive the Best Microblogger of the year .

95. Thanks to Baaton Ki Therapy Podcast for featuring my interview in the form of a very lively chat. 

You can listen to the complete interview by clicking HERE

96. Thanks to LBB for this feature on 10 Best Cooking Sites For Home Cooking. Click here to read. 

97. Thanks to Unbox Social for the mention . Read the article here.

98. Featured  in this article as one of the TOP FOOD FLOGGERS IN INDIA THAT YOU SHOULD FOLLOW 

99. Featured in this article by Career Monk as one of the Top 7 Food Blogs If You Aspire to be a Food Blogger. 

100. My instagram featured in this article by Indian Express.

101.  Featured  by the New Indian Express. 
Read the full article here .

102. Happy to share the release of my first cookbook "My Genius Lunch Box" published by Penguin Random House, India.

103. Thanks to New Indian Express for such a wonderful feature and review of my book. 

104. Thank you "The Hindu" for this wonderful feature of my book 'My Genius Lunch Box'.

105. Thanks to 'Daily Pioneer' for the lovely feature of 'My Genius Lunch Box'.

106. Thank you Momspresso for featuring my first cookbook 'My Genius Lunch Box'.  

107. Thanks Hindustan Times for this lovely feature of my book 'My Genius Lunch Box'.

108. Thank you Rajasthan Patrika for this lovely feature.

109. Masterchefmom featured on this article by  Miss Malini 

110. My interview featured on Local Samosa . Read the full interview here.

111. My Herbal Rasam Recipe featured by FEMINA

112. Masterchefmom Recipes featured on JFW 

113. My Immunity Boosting Recipes featured in June Issue of JFW . 

114. @masterchefmom received the award for the Best Recipe Instagram for the year 2021 from  The Food Bloggers Association India  in #IFBA2021

115. The IFBA featured Masterchefmom in their page . You can read the article here.

116. My interview featured by the YouTube channel -Saleswalah. You can watch the video here .

117. My cookbook featured by Elle Decor Magazine. Read the full article here.

118.  Awarded  the 'Health and Well Being Ambassador' by the IHW Council . You can watch my healthy lunch box/snack recipe here

119. My Recipe featured in the anniversary edition ( Sep 2021) of JFW Magazine .

120.  Featured by Better India - Read the full article here

121. Featured by The Indian Express . Read the full article here 

122.  Humbled by this feature by Buzzfeed India . Read the feature here

123. My recipe to make perfect phulkas featured by NDTV FOOD. Read the full article here.

124. My Potato Masala Recipe feature by The Indian Express.  You can get the recipe here 

125. Stoked by this feature by VOGUE India. Read the full article here.

126. It was a pleasure to share my food journey with Saleswalah Studios. Watch the full video here

127.  Watch my interview by Mr.Amit Deb here.

130. Stoked to be featured by FORBES INDIA in their list of India's Top Digital Stars in their latest issue dated 29th July, 2022. You can read the full article here.

131. My Protein Sevai Recipe featured by Telegraph India 

132. You can listen to my Podcast interview here 

134. My Moong Dal Sundal Salad was  featured by IHW during the #BharatNutritionWeek, 2022.

135. Featured as one of India's Top Food Bloggers by Eenadu .

136. My "Tips to make Spongy Idli" featured here 

137.  Featured as one of India's Top Food Bloggers 

This journey could not have been possible without the support of the readers of this blog and my followers across the social media platforms. Your interest motivates me to keep cooking and posting wonderful, tasty recipes.

I am extremely active on Instagram and Facebook, where I post recipe photos, and live cooking videos. You can follow me using the following handles. 

Youtube :

You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

I am open to brand collaboration, food writing and recipe creation. If you wish to contact me for the same, you can send a mail to

Happy Cooking 

with love,



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