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CREAMY MUSHROOM AND CORN SPIRALI | How to make Creamy Mushroom and Corn Pasta | Stepwise Pictures

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My kids have always loved Pasta. It is a regular in my kitchen. I learnt the basic recipe from my friend Radha . Over the years I have used various combinations and varieties of pastas and sauces. 

Today,I am going start with the CREAMY MUSHROOM AND CORN PASTA.

Basic Ingredients:

1.Pasta(I have used SPIRALI,but you can use your choice of pasta)
2.Flour (Maida/Atta)-2 tsp
3.Milk- 500 ml
4.chopped mushroom
5.corn kernels,I have also used finely grated garlic(3 cloves), finely chopped red and yellow peppers.
7.salt to taste
8. Table butter-2 tsp
9. Fresh cream -  1 tbsp
10. Mozarella cheese- grated 2 tbsp.
11. Olive oil -1 tsp
12. Mixed herbs -1/2 tsp(oregano, thyme,parsley,or fresh dill leaves can also be used)

Now,let us go to the procedure.

STEP 1 :

In a heavy bottom pan,melt the butter and add the flour. Fry the flour for 5 minutes. You will get a nice aroma. Allow it to cool.


Add milk to the mixture little by little  to make a paste without any lumps.Then keep the pan back on the flame and keep adding milk. You will see that the mixture is thickening. Now add peppercorns( freshly ground) ,salt and the cream and switch off the pan. Your white sauce is now ready.

While you are preparing the White sauce, boil the SPIRALI pasta in water till they are cooked(15 minutes approximately) and transfer the contents into a colander and pour a little of normal to cold water on the pasta. By this way, the pasta will not stick to each other or break. Do add few drops of olive oil in the pasta while it is getting cooked.

You can microwave the mushrooms and corn for 4 minutes or can steam them till they are cooked.

In a large pan, heat the Olive oil. Sauté the mushrooms and corn for 3 minutes and add the White sauce. You can add milk,if the sauce has thickened by now. When it starts boiling,add the pasta and mix well. Add more milk if required or your pasta might become very dry. 

Now add the grated cheese to the pasta . Mix well . You can see the cheese melting and blending into the pasta. You can add more pepper if you want. Then add the mixed herbs and switch off.

Serve the pasta with hot and crisp garlic breads.

Your yummy pasta is ready.

I am sure you are inspired to cook this SUPERMOMS !!! You are sure to bring more smiles!


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