Monday, January 26, 2015

Bhel Puri | Bhelpuri | Indian Street Food| How to make Bhel puri at home |Stepwise Pictures with Special Chutney Recipe



'Bhelpuri'  is a popular CHAAT /Street food in India. The muri/Pori is mixed with freshly cut vegetables, fried savoury noodles, nuts and drizzled with sweet chutney and green chutney. It  is an interesting snack to pep up your evenings. Kids love it as it is crunchy ,tangy and a little spicy. 

Instead of using 2 seperate chutneys, this recipe has one tangy and spicy chutney that gives so much of taste to this Chaat. The Chatpata Chutney indeed added so much of flavour to the Bhel...the entire portion that I prepared was polished off within minutes! 
This recipe is a keeper!

Recipe Courtesy : Mrs. Hema Srikanth 

Once you have all the Namkeens (dry snacks),cut veggies and the CGC (Chatpata Green Chutney) ready, you just need 5 minutes to mix them and serve. 

Ingredients and Method in a pictorial :

You can note down this recipe for your next tea getogether with friends!!!!


I'm sure you are going to bring more smiles!


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