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Like Nachos, hot dogs have been a MUST HAVE food for my kids, especially while visiting malls and while watching movie. The simplicity of the HOGDOG Kiosks amused me. With just a few sauces ,soft bread and veg and non veg hot dogs, the kiosks always attracted my kids.

I couldn't resist myself experimenting with various bases like potato,soya and paneer. After many trials, succeeded to crack the code. Today, I am going to share the recipe that enticed my kids. 

HOT DOGS for their lunch box is a super cool idea. A big hit in my kitchen. You will become a supercool MOM with your kids and their friends!


1. Soya granules- 200 gms
2. Potato-1 large( parboil the potato)
3. Cornflour-2 tbsp ( or bread slices-2 no.s)
4. Salt to taste
5. Your choice of spices incase you want to add.
6. Burger buns-6


Follow the easy recipe tutorial:


1.The potatoes and the soya must not be too wet. Drain the water completely.
2. Do not steam the veg. Sausage for a long time or else it will disintegrate. As all ingredients are already cooked, you can steam for just 5 to 7 minutes. 

Now, with the schools re-opening after the summer holidays, you must be working on various lunch box ideas. So, here is one simple and kid's favourite recipe  for you!

Happy Cooking!

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