Monday, January 19, 2015



This starter idea came to me when I saw a box of grated carrot lying in the fridge. During winters,nobody wants to have cold salad and all things fried and hot are welcomed.

So ,wanted to combine both....basically to finish off the carrot. But it turned out to be a big hit. Both the salad and the papad got polished off in no time. 

A no fuss and hassle free salad for your parties and gettogether. Light,crunchy and just the right amount of spice.

For the moong,I boiled the moong in a microwave for 4 minutes,drained the excess water and mixed it with carrot. You can also soak the moong in hot water for an hour and it also taste good.
 You can always make variations with this idea. A great way to clear the fridge too!!!

Here is the recipe tutorial for you.

Easy and tasty!!!


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