Thursday, February 12, 2015



I have always heard my husband talk about the sandwiches of Bombay. He used to explain in length the way the sandwich guy made them . I did my little research ,got all the ingredients and tried to bring that taste to my dining table. I was so thrilled when I passed the test in flying colours. 

This is the non- cheese version.


Cut cucumber,onions,capsicum,deseeded and sliced tomatoes. Parboiled Potatoes and beetroot.

Chatpata Green chutney( I have posted the recipe) ,butter ,salt,pepper and bread slices.

1. Apply a thick coat of butter on the bread and spread the Chatpata Green chutney liberally. 

2. Now start arranging the veggies in an order. Onions, tomatoes,cucumber,capsicum,beetroot and potato. Sprinkle salt and pepper. Close with another bread.

3.Grease the grill with butter and place the sandwich. Since the sandwich is packed with veggies, do not tightly close the toaster.

4. Once, the bread starts browning,remove from the toaster and serve it hot. It tastes equally good for tiffin box.

This recipe is a keeper. I am waiting to make it again. So simple but so tasty!!!


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