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Salads can be boring at times. Though,they are so healthy,still eating it just like that is not so interesting. Especially, getting the kids to eat vegetables is a Himalayan task. I keep trying various dips and dressings to go with Salads and one such easy but tasty salad is this CREAM ROOT. Don't worry, it does not have any cheese!


Beetroot- cut in circle or semi circle shape ( any shape)and parboil so that it has the crunch. I microwaved them in water for 7 minutes.
Hung curd or Curd Cheese
Your favourite masala powder- ( I used a mix of pakodamasala and pav bhaji masala powder)
Salt to taste.

Cilantro/ mint - finely chop the mint to garnish.

Lets start preparing this awesome Salad

1. Arrange the boiled beetroot in a plate( you can do it much neater than me)

2. In a bowl mix lemon juice, salt and the masala powder with the hung curd( plain pepper salt with mint will be equally good)

3. Transfer this mixture to an icing pistol/ bag and ice it on the beetroot.

4.Do the same for your entire batch of salad and garnish with mint/ cilantro or grated carrot etc.

Your salad is ready for serving your family or guests! You can try this with deseeded tomatoes and cucumber too( no need to boil them).

Your salad tray is sure to get empty so quickly! 


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