Monday, February 23, 2015



After a week of Mexican  food at home, wanted to try various Middle Eastern dishes. I planned to make stuffed PITA with FALAFEL. Wow! So delicious!

Recipe inspired by and Wikipedia


CHOLE ( whole gram lentil) 1 cup- soak it over night or for 6 hours

Green chillies -1 to 2

Mint leaves, cilantro leaves

Lemon juice- 1/2  tsp
Asafoetida powder- 1/4 tsp

Oil for frying.

Let us prepare our FALAFEL

1. Drain water from the soaked lentil . Grind all the ingredients well without using water. You can add lemon juice to bind.

2. Take small portions of the dough and with your palms flatten it into a circle.

3. In a pan or wok, keep oil ready for frying. When the oil is hot, just fry these till you get a brown coating.

Your tasty FALAFELS are ready to be served or to be stuffed inside the PITA bread.

Is'nt this easy? I am sure it has reminded you of our VADA. Yes, it is very similar to our dish,except that it is cooked with WHOLE LENTILS.

It is so healthy. You can bake these also for a more healthier option.It tastes equally good. 

You can definetly pack these for your Kid's tiffin box, but definetly call them FALAFEL....Your children are going to love them...both the Nomenclature and the recipe!!!!!

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