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I feel so excited to share this recipe with you all as I had made my own JUGAAD(trick) of Caquelon....tasty dish without having to invest on expensive Caquelon or the FONDUE POT.
Such awesome taste...you have to try!!!

A fondue is basically a cheesy dip served hot, to go with fruits,vegetables or croutons. A perfect party starter! 

You get dedicated FONDUE POT ,but as I had already spent much on so many other kitchen aids,did not want to spent on this. But I was feeling so restless and was breaking my head to assemble things I had to create the Caquelon.

This is what I did:
1. I did not have a tea lamp at home, so used the diya( earthern lamp,small)
2. Used the ceramic aroma oil holder and poured little water on the top.
3. Used a tea cup that sad perfectly on the ceramic holder.

My very own invention!!!!! Yaay!!!!! So economical and effective!!!!!

Let us now prepare the FONDUE.
 Inspired from Wikipedia

Grated cheese( parmesan/ mozarella/ cheddar)
Milk-200 ml

Crushed pepper
Salt pinch
Garlic( optional,I did not use)
Butter - 20 gms

1. In a heavy bottom pan, add butter and then pour the milk. As milk starts to boil add the grated cheese. Keep stirring till all the cheese gets incorporated in the milk.The milk will start to thicken.

2. Add spices / flavours according to your taste. 

3. Pour it in your Caquelon and place the cut vegetables,croutons,fruits etc. Place large wooden skewers,so that your kids can dip the veggies in the fondue using it!

Awesome way to eat your salads,is'nt it?

Do let me know how you liked my recipe.


With love,


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