Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Achari Tamatar Raita | Spicy Tomato Raita | Spicy Yoghurt Dip forBiryani or Pilaf | Stepwise pictures



I love to cook rice dishes as we are RICE LOVERS and it is so easy and enjoyable to cook them too.
But any Pilaf, mixed /herbed rice or Biriyani is incomplete without a RAITA( yoghurt dip). The most common raita is the 'Onion raita'. I am not a big fan of raw onions.. and the salt in the raita used to put me off....But from the time I tasted this spicy,tangy TOMATO RAITA made by my Mom- in - law, I fell in love with it! Learned this awesome dish from her. 
I have prepared this for many pot luck dinners and each time I feel I should have done more...Infact my friend Radha suggested that it be called ACHARI TOMATO RAITA!!!!
So flavourful and spicy, this recipe is a keeper!!!!
Can't wait to share ....




Tomatoes-5 to 8( depends upon the quantity of rice you are making) - try to select nice,ripe,plump tomatoes.
Green chillies- finely chopped-(5-7) depending upon the variety of chilli you use. 

Mustard powder-1/4 spoon
Turmeric powder-1/4 spoon( or lesser)
Salt to taste
Yoghurt- whisked
Coriander leaves- for garnishing( optional) 
Oil-2 tsp

Let us start preparing our Raita.

1. Firstly chop the tomatoes roughly and the chillies finely.

2. Heat a pan with oil. When the oil is heated,add the chillies first. 

4. Add turmeric, mustard powder( you can use seeds also) and salt. Saute'for 30 seconds.

5.Add the tomatoes.

6. Mix it well . The tomatoes will start giving out water. Cook the tomatoes in low flame. It is now going to take some time for all the water to evaporate. Stir occasionally and mash gently using the ladle.

7. After anout 15 minutes, the oil will start seperating. Switch off and allow the pulp to cool.

8. Whisk the yoghurt well. Stir in the spicy tomato pulp and give it another whisk.


Achari Tomato raita is ready to be served! Taste and if required,add little more salt .

 I served it along with Mint Pilaf / Pudina Rice like this....It was simply awesome!


am sure you want to try this raita. Do try and bring more smiles!


With love,



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