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GOZLEME is a a turkish stuffed bread. I have Indianised the recipe to please my family!!

Also used whole wheat tortillas(Chappathi). 
The main highlight is that everybody in my family relished eating this and I am going to repeat it with different stuffings.
 If you are making roti/Chappathi(Indian flat bread) for dinner,do make some extras so that you can try these Gozleme for breakfast the next day. 
Kids would love to carry such a yummy dish to school!!!!


ROTI/CHAPPATHI/TORTILLA- 4 no.s ( do refer to my blog on how to make Roti for tips and recipe )

For the stuffing- par boiled beetroot,potato and peas.

Chilli powder,Coriander powder,your favourite masala( I added sambar powder and reduced the chilli powder)

Salt to taste
Butter to grease the toaster
Cheese slices - you can use cheese cubes too,just grate them.


1. In a pan, heat oil and add the boiled beetroot,potato and peas. Add all the spices and salt. Cover and cook till everything blends . You can cook it for 7 to 10 minutes in low flame and switch off. Just make sure that the stuffing is not too wet.

All my ingredients are ready!!

2. Grease the toaster with butter and switch on.

3. Take one tortilla at a time. Spread the stuffing mixture horizontally in one side .

4. Now add cheese. Just be careful not to overdo the cheese as it might meltand overflow into your toaster. Tear the cheese slice and place  small pieces in the center.

5. Now, close the tortilla and transfer it to the toaster and toast it till the top layer turns brown.

Your BEET POTATO GOZLEME is ready. So yummy....just melt in the mouth. It is so healthy too!

Do try and share your tnoughts,feedback and happiness with me!

With love,


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