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Kulcha | Delhi Style Kulcha | How to make Kulchas at home | Stepwise pictures | Easy Recipe


We have known each other for quite some time now, and I am sure you know that KULCHA is one of the most frequent dishes I make. Delhi is full of KULCHAWALLAS and they serve it with hot CHOLE...CHOLE KULCHA and MATAR KULCHA are like staple food of DELHI!

Till some time ago, I used to buy Ready made Kulcha from the store...but not anymore!

Kulcha | Delhi Style Kulcha | How to make Kulchas at home | Stepwise pictures | Easy Recipe

Kulcha is a flatbread with flavours of Delhi...mirchi( red chillies) ,masala and cilantro.

The basic dough preparation is similar to that of other flat breads with yeast.
Recipe inspiration: Om sweets ( gurgaon)
The original recipe has only maida/ all purpose flour. 


All purpose Flour- 240 gms( 2 cups)
Whole wheat flour- 240 gms(2 cups)

Instant dry yeast- 1 tsp
Salt- 1 tsp
olive oil- 2 tbsp

Sugar- 1 tbsp
Luke warm water- 2 cups( adjust)

Lets start preparing KULCHA..
1. Prepare the dough. Rest it for an hour to prove( rise).

2. Divide the dough into equal size balls and gently press with your hands to flatten it out into a circle.

I used a rolling pin and gently rolled out the dough. But, it is best to do with hands so that the air is trapped inside and you get soft pillowy KULCHAS. 

3. Grease a baking tray and arrange the rolled out kulchas( you can shape them in oval shape too!) in it. Using a plastic fork, make a few pricks so that it does not puff up.
( sorry about the pictures...could not click as I was in a hurry to feed my hungry family....shall upload when I make this next time! )

4. In a preheated oven, bake for 10 minutes or until you see the browning on the sides. You can bake at 160 degrees.

5. While it bakes, let us prepare the topping for basting. I melted AMUL BUTTER( table butter) - generous amount, garam masala powder,chilli powder, freshly chopped cilantro( was in a hurry so roughly chopped has to be finely chopped ...also add pudina leaves) .

6. When KULCHAS are done, bast them generously with prepare butter mixture and serve HOT with CHOLE or MATTAR...I had made Matar in the evening itself. Here is the Matar recipe

I had forgotten to prick with a fork, so my KULCHAS had puffed up.
Also they were thin as I had used the rolling pin! Nevertheless....all these flaws only I family just enjoyed it!!!! 
" amma, your KULCHAs are super than the store bought ones..." Is what my kids shares while having their dinner. Felt sooooo good!!!! 

After all, I work hard only to hear these loving words!!!!!!

I am sure it is the same with you SUPERMOMS !

Now, these KULCHAS can be prepared before hand . They stay good if stored in a zip lock and freezed. 

Kulcha | Delhi Style Kulcha | How to make Kulchas at home | Stepwise pictures | Easy Recipe

I make a few KULCHA recipes for lunch box too...whenever I plan to send KULCHA ,i bake the previous day. Shall share interesting recipes with these KULCHAS with you all shortly.

Till then, take care and


With love,


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