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MInt Pilaf | Pudina Pilaf | Pudina Rice | How to make Pudina Pilaf | Stepwise pictures

Hi Supermoms,

I feel so happy to share this recipe from my MOM's kitchen. This is my mother's speciality dish and all of us in our family enjoy it during special visits and occasions.I have tried many times to replicate the recipe, but kept failing in my attempts. I would have skipped a step out of laziness or forgetfulness, and that would show in the taste. After almost 5 years, understood where I went wrong, when I cooked this dish in her presence.And she caught me exactly where I used to make the mistake!!!!! 
Presenting......MINT PILAF...we simply call it PUDINA RICE!






Pudina ( Mint leaves)- 1 bunch( nicely washed)
Onions-3, 2 large to grind and 1 sliced thinly.
Garlic-4 to 5 pods
Ginger- grated( as per your taste)
Green chillies-3 ( add more or less according to the variety of chilli that you are using)
Basmati rice-3 cups(360gms)
Bay leaves -2, clove -2, green cardamom-3, star anise- 1, cinnamon-1 small piece, pepper-5 pods, saunf-1/2 spoon
Peas- 1/2 cup.

Let us start preparing 

1. Firstly soak 3 cups of rice in 3 cups water for half an hour along with a bay leaf and peas. I have used the electric rice cooker. I kept a vessel inside the cooker vessel. I switched on the rice cOoker after half an hour. This reduces my work and I am assured that the rice is not mashed up, which will affect the taste . Now start preparing the masala.


2. Heat a pan a tbsp og ghee and saute' the garlic and ginger.Then add the onions. 

3.When they turn pink,add fresh pudina leaves. Freshness is very important.

Saute' the pudina for five minutes.

5. Switch off and allow it to cool. Transfer it to a mixer and grind it coarsely.

6. In  the same pan, add 2 tsps of ghee and saute' the cinnamon,star anise,saunf ,clove, cardamom.

7. Now add the ground paste and saute till the ghee seperates on the sides. Keep the stove on low flame and close the lif, so that the flavour does'nt escape. Do not close fully, keep a ladle inside the pan and close the lid.

8. Add salt ( add additional for rice too) and mix into the rice.

9. Now close the lid of the electric cooker, and let it cook for 20 minutes! Your super soft and flavourful MINT PILAF is ready! You can garnish with toasted cashews ( preferably in a tsp of ghee).

This recipe is my ideal Sunday Lunch. I serve it with Achari Tomato Raita and Papad( Appalam).

Mouth watering,is'nt it? Do try and enjoy the flavour!

It is an ideal POT LUCK recipe for you! Easy to prepare, but so different! 


With love,



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