Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Delhi Bakery Style PANEER KULCHA


Regular readers of my blog would have understood that my family loves Kulchas and I try various recipes with it. 

When my daughter informed me that she was going on a school picnic .She told me that her friends gang had decided to get interesting snacks to share. 

I decided that I will make the Delhi Bakery Style PANEER KULCHAS. Simply delicious. My daughter and her friends enjoyed this dish and have asked me to send it regularly to school.

Recipe Inspiration: Manish bakery in my neighbourhood , DPS canteen and my friend Bharthi Rajan.

If you are in Delhi, the availability of KULCHAS are more than bread. You can find them in any local grocery store. But for others, here is the link to make soft fluffy kulchas.


2. Paneer/ INDIAN COTTAGE CHEESE(cut them into smaller cubes) - I used 200 gms of paneer
3. Onions- 1 ( thinly sliced)
4.Tomato puree- 2 tbsp
5. Salt to taste
6.masala powder of your choice( I used maggie magic masal-1/2 tsp,kitchen king-1/4 tsp,garam masal-1/4 tsp,kashmirei chilli powder-1/4 tsp,turmeric powder-a pinch,dhania powder-a pinch)
 Cilantro- a bunch,
green chilli-1 big,
onion-1 big,
lemon juice - a tsp and salt

8. Butter( AMUL BUTTER is the best choice, or else you can use clarified cow butter( GHEE))

Now, let us start preparing our PANEER KULCHAS


In a shallow pan, heat a tsp of oil and add the onions. Add salt immediately so that the onions do not burn . When the onions turn transparent, add the tomato puree and saute' till both onions and tomatoes are well combined. This will take about 2 to 3 minutes. now add the paneer cubes and mix well. Let it simmer while you get your green chutney ready, Do not close the pan, as Paneer( Indian cottage cheese ) leaves water. So,cook till the time, the water is evaporated. The stuffing should not be too wet.

If you are removing paneer from the refrigerator, remember to microwave them for 30 to 40 seconds in high before you add them in the gravy.This helps to soften them. Always try and use fresh paneer. Tnis enhances the taste of the dish.

2. For the green chutney, add all the ingredients mentioned in  number 7 in a mixer jar and grind it to a fine paste. Do not add water. For SBS pictures of the chutney, refer to this link

3. Now it is the assembling time. Spread little green chutney on both the sides of the kulcha and top one of the kulcha with the stuffing. Now close with the other Kulcha.

4. Now grease a grill or toaster with butter/ ghee using a brush. When it screams hot, place the stuffed Kulcha and toast till the top layer starts to turn brown. Remove and cool on the rack. Apply another voat of butter/Ghee when it is hot.  This step helps the kulcha to remain soft if you are packing this for a picnic /party or lunch box .

You can cut them in your desired shape and serve hot with tomato ketchup and green chutney. But you will love eating it just like that!!!

This is a must try recipe SUPERMOMS! Do try and you are sure to bring more smiles....


With love,


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