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Neer Dosa | Neer Dosai | Mangalore Special Dosai Recipe

Neer Dosai


I love Dosas and when I first tasted the Neer Dosa, some 15 years back, I really liked the ultra thin dosa and it's soft feather like  texture . I felt so light after having this dosa. Since then, I am a big fan of the MANGALORE NEER DOSA. 

It is simple,light and is a keeper recipe. I make this very frequently and it tastes so good with Kurma/Kara Kuzhambu.

Though traditionally Manoli Kurma is had with Neer Dosas, I alternate between vegetable kurma, Spicy tomato onion chutney and the K.K. Presenting the Mangalore Neer Dosa....

I cannot credit any one person for this recipe. Over the years, I have made trial and errors on the batter consistency and the method. I thank all friends for their insights and notes that have helped me improve on the texture of the dosai. 

Neer Dosa | Neer Dosai:

Preparation time : 2 hours
Cooking time : 20 minutes
Serves : 4-6 

Ingredients :

2 cups Sona Masoori Raw Rice
1/2 cup fresh Coconut (grated)
Salt to taste
sesame oil ( just to grease the tava)


1. Soak the rice for a minimum of 2 hours. The most ideal would be around 4 hours. 

2. Grind the rice with coconut to a very fine paste. Dilute it with water. Consistency of the batter is the main part of this recipe. A good way to find the tight consistency is by dipping your ladle into the batter and check the back side the ladle. 

3. Heat your Dosa pan. 
Chef tips : 
1.Iron skillet gives the optimum taste.
2.Grease the pan with oil using a brush /muslin cloth/tissue paper / cut onion etc., 
3.The pan should be hot.
 4.Check by sprinkling water. 
5.If it sizzles, then the pan is ready. 
6.I have tried varies ways of pouring this batter. 
7.But the most convenient way is to pour little in the centre,lift and twist the pan to spread the batter evenly. 
8. If you are used to making APPAMS, then it will not be a problem. 
Otherwise, you can pour it like the way you do Rava Dosa or Wheat Dosa.

I have poured little batter....

Lifting and spreading the batter by tilting the pan....

The batter cooks very fast. There is no need apply oil. you will see that the dosa lifts up on its own!!!

You can see small spots on the dosa. Flipping the dosa is optional. I just fold it into half and then fold it again to form a triangle. It looks just like a handkerchief! 

Neer Dosai

Happy Cooking!

with love,


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