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I am sure you will agree with me that everyday is a learning. It is so true with my culinary journey. 

I have seen my grandma make yellow pumpkin PAAL KOOTU for my grandpa. Similarly my father and father in law love this dish. Since my hubby dear is'nt fond of this dish , I have never tried making it all these years.

The vegetable market was flooded with baby Pumkins and I had gone out with my mom to buy vegetables. When she saw the baby pumpkin, she said" let us buy this, Appa loves paal kootu". 

My excitement started! Wanted to cook this dish with my Mom's guidance. But to be frank with you, it took hardly 15 minutes to make !! So simple,yet so tasty!!!!

SPECIAL NOTE: This kootu tastes best with baby pumpkins( yellow one).


Fresh grated coconut-3 tsp

Rice flour- 1 tsp( add little more if the kootu becomes watery)

Salt - a pinch

Green chilli- 1

Sugar-1 to 2 tsp( adjust according to your taste)

Milk-100 ml 


Mustard seeds, curry leaves, husked black gram( Urad dal), one red chilli( optional), a tsp of oil


1. Peel the skin of the pumpkin and cut them into medium size cubes. Cook them in a steamer so that they are soft but not SOGGY.

2. In a mixer, grind coconut,rice flour and green chilli with 1/4 cup water to form a  batter.

3. Keep your milk and sugar ready.

4. Heat a pan with oil and temper with the ingredients mentioned.

5. Add the pumpkin and sugar and mix well.

6. Now, add the ground paste.

7. Add the salt and let it cook for some time. If it becomes too thick,just add little more water.

8. You just need to make sure that the rice flour is cooked. It will take only 5 minutes. Now add milk and switch off once it comes to boil.

Your delicious Paal kootu is ready to be served with hot rice ,Appam or dosa. I had made Mangalore Neer Dosa and both blended so beautifully. Ofcourse, whenever you make Paal kootu, do make KARA KUZHAMBU! Both are match made in heaven. I had made pumpkin Kaara kuzhambu that day, and it was just too yummy.

Shall share that recipe too!

But for now, do try PAAL KOOTU if you have not already tried it!

Happy Cooking!

With love,


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