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Aam Panna | Raw Mango Juice | Traditional Indian Coolent | Summer Special Beverage | Stepwise Pictures

Hi Supermoms,

Aam Panna or the Raw mango juice is an extremely popular Summer drink in India. The raw mango has medicinal properties to cool our system. 
A tall glass of Aam Panna everyday helps in preventing heat strokes. Moreover, it is so tasty and very much liked by children. It is good to give them a glass of Aam Panna when they come back from school or after their play. It tastes so much better than the store bought ones.

Raw mangoes are in season and one of the best ways to use them in our diet is by making this juice. 


I make Aam panna concentrate and store it in an airtight bottle. So, whenever you feel dehydrated or dull due to heat, just add two teaspoons of the concentrate to a glass,add ice cubes and fill cool water.


There are many ways to make this drink. I have used organic jaggery instead of sugar. You can use sugar or brown sugar . Palm sugar is another interesting option.


I have flavoured the Aam Panna with black salt,pepper,cardamom and dry ginger . So let's start making this healthy and tasty drink.


Aam Panna | Raw Mango Juice | Traditional Indian Coolent :

Preparation time : 5 minutes
Cooking time : 20 minutes
1 cup =250 ml cup


2 Raw mangoes 
1 cup Jaggery/Gud/Vellam
 1/2 teaspoon Black salt
1 teaspoon cardamom
1/2 teaspoon  Dry ginger powder
1/4 teaspoon Black peppercorns


1. In a pressure cooker, boil two mangoes with a cup of water upto 4 whisles . Once cooled, scoop the pulp out from the raw mangoes. I got half cup of pulp.


2. For half cup of pulp, I added 1 cup of grated clean organic jaggery.  You can use sugar if you like. Increase or decrease the amount of sweet according to your taste preference. Add double the quantity of jaggery to pulp ratio(2:1). 
3. I mixed a teaspoon  of cardamom powder, 1/2 teaspoon  of dry ginger powder,1/2 teaspoon  of black salt and 1/4 teaspoon of crushed peppercorns. Add your spices according to the amount of pulp you are using.

4. Add all the above in a food processor or mixer and grind to a fine paste.

5. Transfer the Aam Panna concentrate to an air tight container and refrigerate.

It is so convenient to have a bottle of Aam Panna. When you want to make the juice for your family or friends,add two spoons of concentrate for one glass,add water, strain if you do not like any sediments in your drink and serve. You can add ice cubes for added glamour...children love it !!!!

Tasty at the same time healthy!!!!

                            Aam Panna | Raw Mango Juice | Traditional Indian Coolent 

When it is so easy to make why delay Supermoms!

I am sure you are off to the market to get the mangoes...

Happy Cooking!

With love,



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