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Bel Ka Sharbat- Wood Apple Juice

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Have you tasted the woodapple juice ('Bel ki Sharbat 'in hindi) before? 

If you haven't ...then it is time to make it at home as it is the powerhouse of so many ayurvedic properties that is good for our system.

And the most interesting part is that it is not an expensive fruit ,inspite of it's medicinal properties. During summers when temperatures sore as high as 46 degrees centigrade in Delhi, this is the drink that keep us cool. You can see so many roadside juice vendors making brisk sales of this drink.


The wood apple looks like this... The health benefits of Wood Apple include relief from constipation, indigestion, peptic ulcer, piles, respiratory problems, diarrhea, and dysentery.It also boosts the immune system, fights off bacterial and viral infections, reduces inflammation and various inflammatory conditions, prevent cancer, increases milk production for nursing mothers, cures diabetes, increases ocular health, and helps prevent various sexual dysfunctions.
The Bel fruit, in actuality, is an herb with the botanical name of Limonia acidissima. Bel fruit has other names like wood apple, elephant apple and monkey fruit. In some parts of the world, this fruit is called elephant apple because it’s a favorite food of elephants, while in other areas, it gets the name wood apple because of its hard wooden shell. It is actually considered sacred by Hindus, and is widely cultivated and eaten in India.
The wood apple tree is native to India, but is also found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and various other regions in the southern part of Asia. The tree can grow up to 30 feet in height, and the edible fruits are 5-9cm in diameter!!!!
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After reading the health benefits of this fruit, I am sure you are ready to try out this juice!



1.Wood apple-1
2.Water-1200 ml (dilute according to the size of the woodapple)
3.Powdered Sugar-3 tbsp( adjust)
4.Peppercorns-5 to 6


1. Break  the  skin of the wood apple .

2.You can see the fleshy part of the fruit.

3. Scoop the flesh using a spoon.

4. Add  500 ml of water and mash the pulp with a masher or your hand . You need to mash it well and blend the pulp with water.

5. Now, filter the juice . Dilute it with another 700 ml of water.  Add sugar ,crushed pepper .Your pitcher full of juice is ready to be served. You can garnish with fresh mint leaves. 

Fresh Bel juice is the best to beat the heat!!!


Healthy and tasty drink!

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Happy Cooking!

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