Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cooking Tip #11- Ways to use WHEY

Cooking tip #11

Using the WHEY water :

When you make home made sour cream or cheese, you are left with a lot of water that is drained from the curd. What do you do with that water that is called WHEY?

Well, if you have been throwing it away, then you have missed good bacteria,that is so good for your gut.  

Better late than never!! There are so many ways in which you can use this Whey. I would like to share a few simple ways to use it.

A. You can add it to your curd and make buttermilk.
B.You can use this water to cook rice.
C.You can use it instead of plain water to make your pan cake batter.
D. You can use it for making your bread/pizza dough
E.You can use it as a stock to boil your  vegetables
F. You can also use it to soak your whole grains/lentils etc.,

These are some of the ways I use the Whey water... Do let me know how you use it Supermoms!

Hope this tip was useful.

Happy Cooking!!!

With love,


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