Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bread Pakora Chaat - Street Food from Delhi

Hi Supermoms,

I am going to share a very popular Chaat in North India, particularly Delhi. This Chaat brings back memories of my various Shopping outings. 

After hours of shopping in Sarojini Market in Delhi or in Arjun Marg ,Gurgaon, digging into this  Chaat with a generous speead of the green chutney gave me so much energy and joy. 
Weight watchers might feel that it is greasy...but trust me,when the pakoras are had as Chaat, it gives a whole new dimension to this Street food.


The Bread Pakora Chaat is enjoyed by people through out the day. Some love to have it for breakfast along with their Chai and some love it as an evening snack.


Like the other street food, there is so much variation in the taste of this Chaat . Each vendor adds his own personal style. If you would have seen the hindi movie Band, Baja, Baarat ,you can see the way these pakoras are a part of a every Delhite.


A must try Chaat! 



1.Bread Slices - depends on how much you want  to make

2.Potatoes- parboiled and mashed or grated.

3.Red Chilli powder,Coriander powder,salt, garam masala for the potato filling

4. Juice of lemon- 1 to 2 tsp ( for filling and green chutney)

I did not add capsicum and ginger. You can add few pudina leaves for more taste.

6. Sweet Chutney/ Saunth 
7. Thinly sliced onions.

8. Cilantro leaves for garnish( optional)


1. I have already shared the recipe of making Bread pakoras. The only difference is that I did not apply the green chutney inside the bread as we are going make it as a Chaat.Also I added a tsp of lemon juice in the potato filling for that extra tang. Here is the link with step by step pictures to make the pakoras.


2. Once the pakoras are done, place them in a tissue ,press gently  and cool them in a rack, till you complete frying all the pakoras. This helps prevent the pakoras from becoming soggy. You can follow this tip even if you are going to pack it for tiffin box.


3. Now, cut the pakoras into smaller pieces, and place them in the serving plate.


4. Sprinkle Chaat masala. Add the onions on top and pour the green chutney on top of the onions. Finally, drizzle the sweet chutney popularly known as Saunth.


Serve immediately and enjoy it with your cup of Chai! Truly, the flavour of Delhi!


Make this Chaat as soon as possible Supermoms ,and you are sure to bring more smiles!!!

I would love to see how your's turned out. Do post your pics to

Happy Cooking!

With love,





  1. Looks delicious and I love how easy to follow the recipes are. Would love to try it out.
    Laxmi Nagar

    1. Do try out! They are absolutely delicious ! Thank you so much!

  2. The actual Loaf of bread Pakora Chaat is definitely appreciated by simply persons through out the day. Some wish to have it for breakfast with their Chai and some think it’s great as a possible nighttime goody.


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