Saturday, May 16, 2015

Jiggling Jelly - Jelly making tutorial for beginners

Hi Supermoms,

Getting up early in the morning before anybody else ,preparing breakfast,packing lunch boxes,getting your child  ready for school,dropping him or her in their bus stop,watering plants, cleaning and filling up water bottles, pots in the house,having a quick breakfast with a sip of tea or coffee..then get uo and continue with lunch preparations, managing the house maid...Oh My God, just penning down the first few hours of a Supermom's normal day is tiring. I salute every lady who takes care of their home so selflesslly.

Now, to today's recipe. It is a straightforward one but is one summer dessert that every child would love. I will be blogging about making Natural fruit jelly in the coming weeks,but if you are a beginner it is good to have some jelly making practice with the ready made store bought ones.

Any brand of jelly mix works fine . You will be so surprised at the way such a simple, easy to do recipe can bring so much happiness to a child.

There are so much of nursery rhymes that features the jelly. The picture below is inspired by Jolly's Phonics rhyme" Jelly and Jam,jelly and jam jiggling on a plate....". So go ahead and get your packet of jelly. How can there be summers without the Jiggling Jelly in your refrigerator?


1. A packet of ready made jelly ( so many varieties and flavours are now available)
2. Water
3. Muffin moulds


1. Pour the contents of the packet in a mixing bowl. Remove all the lumps using a steel whisk.

2. Boil the amount of water mentioned in the jelly packet. Switch off the gas. Remove the water from the stove and allow it to stand for 1 complete minute. Use a measuring cup to measure the exact quantity mentioned. This is THE important step.

3. Pour the water into the lump free powder and mix well using the whisk till the powder completely dissolves and you have a clear solution.

4. Pour the liquid into the moulds. Any type of mould works fine. But it is so easy to unmould in the silicon ones. 

5. Refrigerate the moulds for 2 to 3 hours without disturbing it. When you want to unmould,just keep it outside for 2-3 minutes and it will become easier. You can use a thin spoon or a plastic spatula to ease the sides. 

Your Jiggling Jelly is ready. You can serve it as is or with fruit custard . It is like eating your juice!!!

Let us make Summer fun for kids, Supermoms!!!!

Happy Jellying!!!

With love,


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