Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mid Summer Dream - a blend of summer fruits

Hi Supermoms,

Cherries are in season now and I had purchased a big box of Cherries.

And as expected,my children were not at all excited seeing it...infact they told me, " Amma, who wants to eat such a fruit, where we have to deal with seeds and how do know if it has worms or not?""

But as a Mom who wants her children to have fruits , I had to come up with something really tasty that they cannot refuse!!!


Look at them....aren't they fresh and tempting?
 Cherries are rich in antioxidants and has cancer preventive compounds. It reduces inflammation and risk of gout. Moreover, it is believed to support healthy sleep. Is'nt this information motivating ??? Not only for the kids ,cherries in our diet will do good to us as well.


I sat down to pit all the cherries .Must say that it does take some time. Switch on some good music and you will enjoy this work. 


After this, add sugar, water, bring them to a boil and your cherry syrup is ready to be stored. It tastes great with clear water and ice cubes. Once in a while you can have sparking cherry juice, it takes the drink to a completely different level.


As I am blogging this recipe, it is 46 degrees outside in Delhi !!!!!!! What a perfect recipe to blog,is'nt it?


And so the name of this drink, ' Mid Summer Dream'.


I got two such bottles of syrup. The same kids who refused to eat the fruit were so much looking forward to drink it!!!!


1 . Tart Cherries - 1 kg
2.  Simple sugar syrup 


1. Make a simple sugar syrup. In a pan, add a cup (200ml) of water . To it add equal measure  of sugar. Heat the water, till the time, the entire sugar is dissolved. Your simple sugar syrup is ready.

2. Now, process the cherries in a mixer. 


3. In the same pan which has your sugar syrup add the cherrie mixture. Switch on the gas and keep stirring.


4. I stirred it for around 15 minutes as I was making a large batch. If you are making a smaller batch it will not take much time. You can see, that the syrup has become  thicker.


5. Let it cool.

6. Sterilize the bottles in which you are going to store the concentrate. This is very IMPORTANT. It is a good idea to sterilize the bottles and keep it dry and odour free before hand.

7. Pour the concentrate into the bottles, seal and refrigerate. Use it as and when.


Why do we need store  bought syrups ,when it is so satisying and healthy to make it at home?

Give it a try this summer and you are sure to bring more smiles!!!!

With love,


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