Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sabudana Khichidi |Secret to Lump free Sabudana Khichdi | How to soak Sabudana/Tapioca pearls to make perfect Sabudana Khichdi| Stepwise Pictures

Sabudana Khichidi

Hi Supermoms,

I have seen that many people love Sabudana as it is not only tasty but also gluten free and healthy. But they also complain that Sabudana aka Tapioca Pearls require lots of oil and patience to cook. 

I beg to differ here as I make the Khichdi very frequently and a few useful tips will go a long way in making 'Low calorie, lump free tasty khichdi.'

Many readers have requested me to post the recipe to make 'Lump free, low oil' Sabudana dedicated an entire post only for this.

Chef Tips :

1.If you are making Khichdi, Kheer or Vadas for breakfast, then  Soak the Sabudana with water just covering the top layer - Not more not less Overnight. In the morning, you will see that the entire moisture is absorbed and the pearls have increased in volume but are completely non sticky and dry. 

2.If you are planning to make for evening snacks or dinner then soak the pearls in water  for just 4 hours.

3. Drain the water and transfer the sabudana  to a wide colander. Let the water completely drain for atleast one to two hours. You can mix them once in half an hour  so that the water uniformly drains.

4. They will look like this. You can even store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator and use it for making Vadas, Kheer or Khichdi for breakfast.

Hope this post was useful to you.

You can make SABUDANA KHICHDI MEAL using this recipe.

Happy Cooking!

With love,


Sabudana Khichidi

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