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Pottukadalai Laddu | Maa Laadu | Sattu Laddu |How to make Maa Laadu | Stepwise Pictures

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This is a popular ladoo or 'Laadu' as it is called in South India. It is healthy, tasty and is so easy to make with just four basic ingredients. Like all other 'Bakshanams', the only challenge you might face if you are a beginner is when you will have to shape the laddus as the flour will be warm to 'hot'. 

Adding grated coconut is completely optional. This laddu is usually made with roasted gram flour known as 'Pottukadalai' in the south. I have tried it with Sattu Flour which is 'unhusked pottukadalai flour', so you can see that there is a slight difference in the colour of the laddus , though it tastes great!

Maa Laadu :

Preparation time : 5 minutes
Cooking time : 20  minutes
Yield : 20 medium size ladoos
If you do not have a weighing scale ,you can take 200 gms  as  1 Cup
Storage : Upto a week in room temperature.

Ingredients :

200 gms Sattu Flour(roasted in a pan to release flavours) or Powdered Pottukadalai 
100 gms Powdered Sugar (3/4 cup)
65 gms Ghee/Clarified Butter (1/4 Cup)
1/2 teaspoon freshly powdered cardamom
2 teaspoon Grated ( moist free coconut - optional)


1. Heat Ghee/ Clarified butter in a pan.

2. Add all the dry ingredients in a bowl . Pour the hot ghee and mix using a spoon or fork.

3. When it is bearable to touch, start making the laddoos. You can grease your hand with little ghee. 

4. Store in a clean air tight container.

Chef Tips :

1. If the dough is sticky, then add more flour.
2. When you press the ladoo hard, it has to crumble. That is the right consistency.
3. If you are using Sattu Flour, then roast the flour in a pan so that it releases nice aroma. Let it cool completely before you pour the ghee.
4. If you are using Coconut, then dry roast them to remove the moisture, cool and add it to the flour.
5. You can add toasted cashew nuts( crushed coarsely) for added flavour.

Happy Cooking !

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This recipe is a part of the 'Bakshanam Series', an attempt to share our popular Heirloom Snack Recipes.


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