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North Arcot Special Godumai Rava Puliodarai | Broken Wheat Puliogare | Dalia Puliodarai | How to make Godumai Rava Puliodarai at home | Healthy Recipe

 Godumai Rava Puliodarai

Hi Supermoms,

Today's post is dedicated to my readers who are conscious of their diet . 'Dalia' or Bulgur wheat are popular grains in India and Middle East. Many have started substituting rice with Wheat Dalia due to it's health benefits . High in fibre, Proteins and Vitamin B, it is also a wonderful weight loss option.

Eating Dalia, need not be boring. It can be cooked into  a delicious meal that will be 'taste approved ' by everyone in the family . I had made a large batch of  Instant Puliogare Podi  and so making  this recipe was a breeze.

 Godumai Rava Puliodarai

North Arcot Special Godumai Puliodarai :

Preparation time : 5 minutes
Cooking time : 25 minutes
Serves : 2
1 cup = 250 ml cup
Special Vessel/Equipment : wide pan, pressure cooker

Ingredients :

1 cup bulgur wheat/broken wheat /dalia
1 tablespoon ghee or oil
1 tablespoon peanuts
5-7 cashewnuts ( halved)
1 sprig curry leaves ( optional)
1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds ( optional)
salt ( if required)

Method :

1. Heat a pan over low flame and dry roast the dalia till it becomes fragrant, transfer it to a vessel.
Tip: Do not brown the dalia.

2. Wash and cook the dalia with water in the ratio of 1: 1.5 ( Dalia: water)

Tips: a.This is an approximate ratio, as the water levels have to be adjusted according to the type of broken wheat available in your area. 
b.The dalia should be separate ( not mashed)once cooked. 
c. Use pressure cooker to cook the dalia.
d. Use an inner vessel to cook the dalia in the cooker.
e. Once the dalia is cooked, you can spread them in a plate to cool.

2. In a wide pan ,  heat  one teaspoon ghee or oil over low flame.
3. Fry the peanuts and cashewnuts and set it aside.

4. In the same pan,  heat the remaining oil, add Puliodarai powder and half cup of water.
Tip: You can temper with mustard and fresh curry leaves . I omitted it as the instant powder has both the ingredients.

5. Let the mixture thicken and start to leave oil . 

6. Now add the cooked dalia, mix well and cook over low flame for one to two minutes.

7. Adjust salt if required.

Your Godumai Puliodarai is ready to be serve hot or packed for the office lunch box.

 Godumai Rava Puliodarai

If you are looking for another recipe with bulgur wheat, you can try the Godumai Rava Payasam. 

Happy Cooking !

With love,



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