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Spinach Shawarma Burger | Vegan Burger | How to make Burger at Home | Stepwise Pictures | Healthy Burger Recipe | Vegan

Spinach Shawarma Burger | Vegan Burger

Hi Supermoms,

Are you a vegetarian ? Then, eating spinach everyday is highly recommended. I guess we all know that , is'nt it ? Cooking spinach is quite easy - wash them, chop them and transfer them to a vessel/pan and cook them on stove top over low flame with a closed lid for 7-10 minutes depending upon the quantity you cook. Mash them with a ladle if you want, add salt and serve. That's it ! I try to do it almost everyday and some days, I take a little extra effort to make the spinach look this burger !

Who says burger is junk? Not after seeing and trying out this burger ! Nothing fried at all. You can even replace the burger buns with vegetable shells / slices if you are on low - carb . Interesting ? 

I can tell you that having just one of these burgers is going to keep you full for some time.  I used my Vegan Cheese Spread on these burgers, but  you can even use Hummus or tomato ketchup/sauce . 

I had shared a gluten free and vegan burger recipe earlier , the 'Rice Bun Sandwich Burger'. Do give it a try too.

Spinach Shawarma Burger | Vegan Burger

 Spinach Shawarma Burger | Vegan Burger :

Preparation time : 10 minutes
Cooking time : 15 minutes
Serves : 4
1 cup = 250 ml cup

Ingredients : 

4 soft whole wheat burger buns 
2 teaspoons vegan cheese spread ( optional)
15-20 large spinach leaves (roughly chopped, blanched)
1/4 cup sweet corn(boiled)
1 medium size potato (boiled)
1 red onion ( finely chopped)

For the ground masala paste :

4 garlic pods
1/2 cup beaten rice
1/4 cup sweet corn(boiled)
1 potato ( boiled)
1 green chilli ( adjust)
1/2 " ginger
1 teaspoon lime juice
4-5 peppercorns
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
4-5 cashew nuts (optional)
salt to taste

For tempering :

1 teaspoon oil
1/4 teaspoon sesame seeds
1/4 teaspoon sunflower seeds
1/4 teaspoon melon seeds
1/4 teaspoon flax seeds

Vegetables for the burger layers :

1 large red onion ( cut them into rings)
2 large tomatoes ( deseeded and sliced into rings)
4 lettuce leaves/ spinach leaves 
1 carrot ( grated, optional)
fresh herbs ( cilantro/mint)
1 tablespoon tomato ketchup


1. Boil your spinach, potato, corn and set it aside to drain .
2. Grind the ingredients given under 'masala paste' without adding water.
Note : I used half of the boiled corn, spinach and potatoes while grinding. Drain the water completely.
3. Heat a pan with oil over low flame and temper with the seeds.
Note: The seeds are delicate and splutter, so be a little careful.
4. Now add the chopped onions, balance spinach, corn and potato (mashed ) and the ground masala paste. Adjust salt if necessary.
5. Mix and cook till the extra moisture is absorbed and they resemble one big lump. Switch off.
Note : This step will take 5 minutes, but depends on the moisture content. If the mixture is watery, you can add corn flour/ beaten rice .
6. When they cool, divide them into equal portions and shape them like patties.

Your spinach Shawarma patties are ready.

Assembling the burger ( bottom to top) :

1. Cut the burger buns horizontally .
2. On one side of the bun, spread ketchup/cheese spread/hummus/butter ( your choice).
3. Place a fresh lettuce leaf/ spinach leaf .
4. Grated carrots.
5. Onion rings
6. Spinach Shawarma patty
7. Tomato rings
8. roughly torn cilantro or mint
9. Sauce/ ketchup
10. Close the other half of the bun.
Your healthy Spinach Shawarma Burger is ready !!! 

Spinach Shawarma Burger | Vegan Burger

I'm sure you are going to make it soon ! Here are a few more ways to make spinach delicious :

Spinach Corn Sandwich
Desi Burritos
Andhra Style Palak Pappu

Happy Cooking !

With love,


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