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Dosai Recipe |Dose Recipe | Dosa Recipe |How to make Dosai | Authentic South Indian Home Style Dosai Recipe | Gluten Free and Vegan Recipe

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Do I even need to give any introduction to this dish. It is a world famous dish and I am so proud of it. Wherever you go, Dosai or Dosa as it popularly called is available . Dosai is not just gluten free but completely vegan. It is almost a favourite in every South Indian household and I have seen even my North Indian friends crave for the Dosa. Dosai is so versatile that you can make it with so many different types of fillings, though the potato based Masala Dosai remains the numero uno in popularity.

Though the Idli/ Dosa batter recipe that I have shared before can be used to make dosai by diluting the batter with water, today I am sharing an exclusive dosai batter recipe. If you are planning to serve your family and friends dosa with sambar and chutney, then use this recipe to make a large batch . 

Like Idli batter, having freshly ground dosai batter in stock at home is such a relief. You can make mini dosai, vegetable dosai, onion dosai, cheese dosai, Egg dosai...the possibilities are endless. You can also make the yummy, Uttapams ( thick dosa with vegetable toppings), right at home.

Dosai Recipe |Dose Recipe | Dosa Recipe  :

Preparation time :12 hours
Cooking time : 3-4 minutes ( for 1 dosai)
Serves : 41 cup = 250 ml Cup
Special Vessel/Equipment : Stone grinder or mixer, iron tawa

Ingredients :

1/2 cup raw rice ( I used sona masoori)
1 and 1/2 cups par boiled rice/idli rice
1/2 cup husked black gram /urad dal ( I used the split urad dal)
1/2 teaspoon fenugreek /methi seeds
rock salt to taste
2 tablespoons sesame oil

Method :

1. Mix both the variety of rice and urad dal in a large vessel and wash the grains at least 3-4 times.
2. Add methi seeds and soak the grains in water for 3 hours.
3. Drain the excess water in another bowl and grind the grains to a smooth batter using the drained water and adjust with more water if required.
Chef tip : The dosai batter should be in a pouring consistency.
4. Transfer the batter to a tall vessel, add rock salt and beat the batter using your hands or a ladle.

5. Cover and allow the batter to ferment for 6-8 hours.
Chef tip : If grinding batter late evening, allow it to ferment overnight. A tall vessel helps to prevent over flowing of batter during fermentation.
6. Once the batter has fermented ( it will rise up), you can make dosai immediately or store in the refrigerator till the time you are going to make them.

To make the dosai:

1. Heat a tawa and spread 2-3  drops of oil uniformly using a ladle or half cut red onion.
2. When the tawa is just hot, pour a ladle full of batter in the centre of the tawa and spread the batter from the centre to the edges in a circular motion ( usually done anti-clock wise).3. Spoon oil around the sides of the dosa and drizzle over the dosai also ( if you want it little crisp) and cook the dosai over medium flame.

4. When the dosai browns on one side, flip and cook the other side .Chef tip : The second side will take less time to cook. Do not over do this step. You can skip this step if you are making very thin dosai and cook only one side , fold the dosa and serve. Adding few drops of melted ghee gives a very crispy dosai.5. Remove the dosa using the spatula, fold and serve.6. Repeat the same process for the rest of the batter.

Some tips to remember while making a dosai:

1. The tawa should not be too hot or cold. If too hot, the batter will scramble and if cold, the dosa texture will not be good.
2. You can check the heat by sprinkling water on the tawa. If it sizzles , then the tawa is ready.
3. However, wipe the water using a clean kitchen towel before pouring the batter.
4. Always keep the gas on low flame while cooking this dosa.
5. Use a well seasoned tawa to make the dosa. 

Your authentic South Indian Home Style Dosai is ready to be served with your choice of chutneys, milagai podi and sambar.

Dosa Recipe- Authentic South Indian Home Style Dosai

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