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Murungai Keerai Milagaipodi

Hi Supermoms,

'Murungai Keerai' - the drumstick leaves more popularly known as Moringa leaves are 'super food'. Regular readers of my blog will be very familiar with this healthy leaves and I am confident that you would have already started using them in your every day cooking . For those who haven't yet started, here are a few delicious ideas for you. You can make Thavalai Dosai, Rasam, Poriyal and Chutney .

Of course in all the above recipes, the dishes will last for a day or two. So, how to add them in our diet at least 3-4 days in a week? Also, if you are living in a country where these leaves are not easily available, then getting the moringa leaves in a large quantity, drying them and grinding them and using them in powder form is more logical, is it not? 

Absolutely, considering the fact that most of you have a busy office and home life to manage. 

So, here is an amazing, tasty and healthy 'podi'( means' powder in Tamil) recipe that you can store and use for upto a month. It is easy to prepare and is delicious to eat with rice as well as dosai/idli or can be used while you prepare your daily vegetable/poriyal. If you want to know more about the health benefits of Moringa leaves, click here.

Murungai Keerai Milagaipodi :

Preparation time : 45 minutes
Cooking time : 25 minutes
Serves : 25-30 
1 cup = 250 ml
Special Vessel : clean, dry and odour free container
Storage : Keeps good for upto 3 months when stored properly . Always use a clean and dry spoon to remove the contents.

Ingredients :

2 cups murungai keerai/moringa leaves ( cleaned and dried)
15-20 dry red chillies
1/4 cup sesame seeds/til
1/4 cup tuvar dal/pigeon peas
1/4 cup urad dal/husked black gram
1 tablespoon channa dal/bengal gram
1 teaspoon dhania/coriander seeds
2 teaspoons sesame oil
salt to taste

Important note : Keep stirring continuously to avoid burning of the ingredients and roast the ingredients over low flame. 

Method :

1. Heat oil in a pan over low flame  and roast the dals till they turn fragrant and golden brown.
2. Transfer the dal to a plate to cool and roast the dhania with the remaining oil .
3. Once the dhania is roasted, transfer them to the plate and proceed with chillies  followed by sesame seeds.
4. Finally, roast the murungai leaves/moringa leaves till they crumble and you can actually powder the leaves with hands.
5. Switch off and allow all the ingredients to cool completely.
6. Add salt and grind the roasted ingredients to a coarse powder.

7. Once it is completely cool, transfer it to an air tight container and store it in a cool and dry place.

Your murungai leaves milagaipodi is now ready . Healthy and delicious !

Murungai Keerai Milagaipodi

Happy Cooking !

With love,

P.S: This recipe is from my snap kitchen. To interact with me and cook recipes together, follow me on snapchat. To know how to go about it, click here.


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