Saturday, October 7, 2017

Cookie Cake | Eggless Cookie Cake | Greetings Cookie Cake Gift Box

Cookie cake

Hi Supermoms,

Dussehra is over and the count down to Diwali has begun !

When I grew up in Chennai, Deepavali (that is how we call it in South) was all about getting up well before the sun rises, wearing new clothes, bursting crackers to wake up the Sun himself and eating lots and lots of sweets and savouries throughout the day and going to the nearest theatre to watch the Deepavali release film. 

With my shifting to North India, it became Diwali and the celebration was all about decorating your home and society with beautiful lights and bursting crackers in the evening. Another major change which I love about Diwali season here is the concept of people visiting the houses of friends and relatives and exchanging Diwali goodie bags/gifts. 

The best gifts are the different types of sweets, chocolates, cookies, savouries and beverages beautifully packed and ready to consume with friends and family.

This time for Diwali, I have fallen in love with the cookie cake from Pillsbury  - Pillsbury Greetings Cookie Cake (Gift Box) . The gift box has 12 individually packed cookie cakes . Cookies and Cakes are always a big hit at home and combining the two into one dessert makes it doubly tasty and very interesting too. There is a  mix of vanilla and chocolate cookie cake flavours that will please every one. Each cookie cake is so soft and spongy and so incredibly tasty. The chocolate chips in every bite of the cookie cake makes it more yummy.  The chocolate drizzle on top is like the icing on a cake. And they are also eggless. 

cookie cake

The Pillsbury Greetings Cookie Cake Gift Box makes for an amazing and tasteful gift. A Perfect addition to the Diwali party .  With evolving taste buds, children are sure to enjoy this ready to devour Pillsbury Greetings Cookie Cake and cheer loudly, Happy Diwali”. 

cookie cake

Wishing you all a very Happy #PillsburyWaliDiwali !

With love,


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