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Ragi Puttu | Keppai Puttu with Panakarkandu| Finger Millet Puttu with Palm Sugar | Tamil Nadu Style Ragi Puttu Recipe | Gluten Free Recipe

Ragi Puttu

Hi Supermoms,

The festival months have started . Ganesh Chaturthi , Navratri and then Deepavali. Sweets are a main part of all our special occasions . Today, I would like to talk about the  Navratri festival or the "golu" as we call it in South India. During the Golu festival, we invite friends and family home .  Usually a sweet dish and savoury ( like sundal) are offered as prashad/neivedyam and then served to the guests. Now a days, every one is conscious of what they eat. Healthier, Lighter dishes  are very much popular. 

The reason I am sharing about Golu is because I like to make puttu as offering during Navratri. My friends really appreciate the taste and they  enjoy it guilt free. It is liked equally by the little ones also. Ragi/Finger millet flour  is easily available,healthy and affordable. 
You even can make a bigger batch for a large gathering before hand , refrigerate it and can steam it for a few minutes , just before serving . 

I make this puttu regularly, but serve it as is ( without shaping) for breakfast. Sometimes, we enjoy sweet breakfasts😀. However, this can be served as a perfect after school snack or as a tea time snack too. It can be packed in school lunch box also . It tastes good even when eaten cold.

Recently I came across a slightly different version of the ragi puttu in 'The Chettinad Cookbook" . I loved the idea of  rolling the puttu into balls. I made it for breakfast yesterday and shared it  on my instagram and facebook handles and I received overwhelming response and enthusiasm to know more about this dish. 

You can try this recipe with rice flour, powdered flattened rice/poha or any other flour of your choice if you do not use ragi for neivedyam/prashad. It tastes equally yum. I have used palm sugar/palm candy to sweeten the puttu. According to Ayurveda, Palm Candy when used without heating, does not increase the kapha dosha ( helps avoid weight gain) . 

I hope many of you will try this recipe during this festival season  and share it with friends and family. 

Finger Millet Puttu with Palm Sugar

Ragi Puttu | Keppai Puttu :

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 25-30 minutes
Serves : 2-3
1 cup = 250 ml cup 

Note : You can use sprouted whole green gram to make this tiffin more wholesome. Steam till they are cooked . They should not be mushy. You can use un sprouted green gram also. 

Ingredients :

1 cup ragi/finger millet flour
1/2 cup palm sugar /panakarkandu( adjust)
1/2 cup fresh coconut (chopped)
1/4 cup sprouted whole green gram 
3-4 cardamom 
1-2 teaspoons ghee ( if Vegan, you can use coconut oil)
pinch of salt 

Method :

1. Grind coarsely chopped coconut, palm sugar, cardamom and set aside.

2. Mix salt into half cup of water.
3. Add ragi flour into a wide bowl and sprinkle the salted water.
4. Rub the salt water into the flour .

5. Place a muslin cloth on a steamer and steam the ragi flour for 15 minutes on medium flame. 
6. Once the ragi flour is cooked , transfer it to the wide bowl.
7. Add the ground mixture and boiled green gram.

8. Mix them well .
9. Your ragi puttu is now ready.

 10. You can serve them as is or can shape them by gently rolling them into balls or oblong shapes. 

Serve these ragi puttu for breakfast or evening tiffin. 

 Palm Sugar

Happy Cooking !

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