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Hi Supermoms,

My name is Uma Raghuraman and I am just like you. When I got married almost two decades ago, I hardly knew anything about cooking and my husband ....a FOODIE!!!! I was introduced to a whole  new world of RESTO's by my husband...heard a lot of new dishes names for the first time....totally new to me!!

I learnt the basics of cooking from my Mom and Mom-in -law, ever grateful to them. With my son coming into my life,taking care of his nutrition became my only priority ...and the little brat was a fussy eater !!! So many recipe ideas and interesting, useful tips from family and friends really helped.


This logo was mentioned in this article.

My Blog LOGO that I designed using Dosas/Glutenfree pancakes 

MY NEW LOGO ( I had changed the title of the blog from'Mom Cooks' to the same as my blogspot , ie., MASTERCHEFMOM to avoid any confusion) :

Hand made logo using glutenfree and vegan batter, and place on top of my baking tray. 

Slowly,with practise I started experimenting with different ingredients and cooking was not that bad at all.

A move to Northern India , gave me a new world to see. People,language,culture and food....all different! Then, had my second child and became so busy, totally cut off from everything! Basic cooking itself was a big chore, with so little energy levels to spare.....and time flew....

Was lucky to get great friends who were excellent cooks!
 Morning free time would be spent well at a friend's place learning to bake !!! Breakfast meetings at another friend's house would have interesting Speciality can I forget the way I learnt to make malabar paratha and kurma from my friend's mom. Our evening tea get together would have discussions about an interesting recipe ....still remember the Stuffed kulchas made by my friend.
Our Pot luck lunch and dinner would feature the 'Best dish' that each of us could make and so the recipe sharing happened.....Oh! Missing those fun days!!!! I am thankful and grateful to each and every friend of mine!! Love you all!

School timing of my kids( In Delhi the school starts as early as 7 a.m and the school bus arrives at 6.30) and the food culture in Delhi totally intrigued me. This means that I needed to get up very early to pack their lunch boxes !Still, my  kids would come home and tell me..."Amma,nobody brings rice to school...don't send tiffin in steel boxes....don't send anything that spills....don't give us a lunch bag seperately.....why always idli and dosa? ..."and the list grew...

I came to understand that they play during tiffin break and food is generally carried along by finger foods work perfect..and so my other things that i will keep sharing through my blog.

There were days when I used to wonder how in my school days even a curd rice with  pickle would be relished by me.... I still remember the rasam rice and the potato poriyal my mom used to pack for tiffin and how yummy and heavenly that used to be!!!!
As they say,times have changed and we need to change with time.

When it is bed time, the first thing that comes to every MOM's mind is "What do I send for my child's tiffin tomorrow to school?"
Guessed it right.. This is the same question that keeps me thinking and helps me to learn and improvise on the recipes that I have come across through friends,relatives and restaurants. I am going to share interesting recipes that I have tried during the last two decades which have been a BIG HIT in my kitchen with you. For young moms ,this is going be a boon as the youngest generation are a very demanding lot and with western culture and cuisines slowly invading our lives it is URGENT for MOMS to be updated.

I'm sure it is upsetting for any mom to see her kid's tiffin box with the packed food untouched or half eaten !!! Variety is the key ! I wish to give innovative and creative ideas for lunch box. At the same time, shall also share some very interesting Starter, Dessert and Snack and Fusion recipes!!!

I will try and blog as frequently as possible. Cooking and taking photos along side is a little challenging...but  its a lot of fun!!! All photos that I take are with my phone only. To me, the recipes, taste   the 'homefood' culture that we need to inculcate into our young kids is of primary importance !

As smart women, we also need to take care of the nutrition of our entire family. So I have introduced a diet section,gluten free and Vegan section . Festivals foods unites families with our tradition. So look up to my 'Festival delicacies' section to know more about festival foods. I will keep introducing new sections and recipes as I learn a lot everyday and would love to keep sharing my learnings with you all.

Why do I call you all SUPERMOMS?

I hear many people telling me, " I am no Supermom...just Mom! ". I totally disagree with this thought process. 

Every Mother in this universe is a Supermom!!! To think of others before herself, giving unconditional love,giving birth to new life and dedicating her life for the sake of her family ,giving up a lucrative career for her kids,developing great human beings....the list is long...really long !!!
I would not be writing this blog without my mother and you will not be reading this without yours!!! 

A salute to all the MOMS in the I not right calling every mother  Supermom ????


I am lovingly called 'MCM- MasterChefMom  at home for all my efforts to bring in variety in everyday cooking and presenting it in Gourmet fashion . Ofcourse, there were days when I conceived an idea to make/bake something and it would end up as something completely different 😂. But the frank feedback from my husband and kids always motivated me to keep trying and bring great taste !! I love and thank them for being my 'Pillars'. When I decided to have a small space in the web world for my recipes, the first name that my children suggested was MASTERCHEFMOM and I did not think twice about it !!

I am open to your ideas,feedbacks, suggestions and the recipes you would  want  me  to share. 

My blog is my recipe diary....I HOPE TO BRING MORE SMILES!!!!

So SUPERMOMS...are you READY??

Happy Cooking !

With love,


For collaborations mail me at


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  2. Hi SuperMom Uma,

    I am Rachel Anand from Malaysia, I followed you in Instagram, I'm happy to see your yummy cooking's daily, impressed :)
    May GOD bless you now and forever. Yeah you are really a Superb Mom... Happy Cooking :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments and compliments Rachel !

  3. You have an awesome blog.. Amzing recipes and wonderful pictures.. Glad to know about you.. Keep rocking..

  4. HI Uma, how can I get in touch with you....please share your email address. we would like to feature you for our blog. you can mail us also at

  5. Uma, I think this is the best about me I ve ever come across in blogosphere. happy to be in touch. Keep rocking. You have an amazing recipe diary.

  6. Dear Uma,
    You have an awesome blog with beautiful clicks and a collections of mouth watering recipes. My best wishes for all success and thanks a bunch for such a lovely comment in my space. Thanks :)

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