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Paneer Tikka Kathi Rolls |How to make Paneer Tikka Kathi Rolls at Home | With Stepwise Pictures | Lunch Box Special Recipe

Paneer Tikka Kathi Rolls


Rolls/Wraps/Frankie are popular street food in India. I make these rolls very often for school tiffin box and also for travel. It is a hearty meal by itself and a very tasty dish.

Many get confused between Kathi rolls and Frankie. In Kathi rolls , the stuffing inside is grilled(cooked over hot coal/barbequed), whereas in Frankie the stuffing could be anything raw or cooked. Though I cannot call mine KATHI as I have pan fried the cottage cheese, but if baked using the same ingredients, the name holds good!!! So taking the liberty and calling it KATHI ROLL.

The inspiration for these rolls are from Delhi's famous  KHAN CHACHA ( Kathi Roll Restaurant)...  we love their KATHI ROLLS! Though, refined flour( maida) is used to make the rolls, I have used whole wheat flour as a healthier option. 

Paneer Tikka Kathi Rolls

Paneer Tikka Kathi Rolls :

Preparation time : 30 minutes
Cooking time : 25 minutes
Makes : 6-7 medium size kathi rolls
1 Cup= 250 ml Cup

Ingredients :

For the flat bread:

2 cups whole wheat flour
2 teaspoon oil
salt to taste
water ( adjust)

For the Paneer Tikka:

250 gms Paneer/cottage cheese ( cubed)
1 tablespoon oil
2 teaspoons kashmiri chilli powder
1/2 teaspoon dhania powder
salt to taste

For the Mint Chutney :

30 pudina leaves ( fresh )
1 green chilli ( adjust according to the heat of chillies)
1/4" ginger piece
2 tablespoon greek yoghurt/thick curd
salt to taste

For Garnish:

2 large onion ( sliced thinly lengthwise)


1. In a bowl, mix the cubed paneer with the spices, oil and keep it aside.

2. In another bowl, add flour, salt and by adding water little by little, knead it into a soft dough. 
Note: You can refer my Chapathi recipe for stepwise pictures.
3. After 30 minutes, you can divide the dough and roll out to make soft rotis.

4. Heat a wide pan and add the marinated cottage cheese.
5. Let them fry over low flame for 7-10 minutes or till the time they are nice and crisp on the outside and soft inside.

Tip: Keep stirring every two minutes to avoid burning.
6. Grind all the ingredients given under 'mint chutney' to a fine paste.
7. To assemble the roll, first apply the mint chutney.
8. Now at one end of the roti, place some sliced onions .

9. Arrange the paneer tikka pieces on top of them and roll tightly.

Your Paneer Tikka Kathi Rolls are ready to be packed for Office/school Lunch box or for your Potluck Party/Picnics.

Paneer Tikka Kathi Rolls

Chef Tips:

1. You can substitute Paneer with Tofu or Soya Chunks.
2. You can add freshly sliced capsicum along with onions.
3. You can also use millet flours if you are on a  low calorie and high fibre diet.
4. Adjust the spices according to your taste.
5. You can sprinkle Chaat Masala on top of the paneer , when you are assembling the wrap.
6. If you are sending it for school, then you can prepare the rotis and the chutney, the previous night to simplify your work.
7. You can marinate overnight.
8. You can add a dash of lime to the Paneer cubes .

Happy Cooking!

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