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' DOLMA' in Turkish cuisine means 'Stuffed'. Stuffed Vegetables are very tasty. It does need delicate cooking,but if your family likes the taste of tomatoes/ bellpeppers or mushroom, this is a must try dish. Moreover,tomatoes are in season now!!! When I saw fresh large juicy tomatoes, could'nt resist making these DOLMAS.

You can cook  any Fried rice,Pilaf or plain Jeera rice and make it attractive by serving one portion of it as DOLMAS.

I made a Vegetable Fried rice and stuffed mushrooms and tomatoes. In this blog, I am only sharing the way I cooked the mushrooms and tomatoes.



Tomatoes,mushrooms ( washed well)

Let us start our preparation.

1. Cut the tomatoes and scoop out the pulp like this. Cut from the top.

2. For mushrooms, remove the stem.

3. In a large pan, heat a tsp of oil and place the cut mushrooms and tomatoes.

4. You can  alternatively drizzle olive oil and bake it in the oven till the vegetables are tender. You can see that the skin of tomatoes start peeling. it will take a while for the tomatoes to cook. Mushrooms cook very fast. Toss the tomatoes and mushrooms for even cooking.

5. Now arrange the vegetables in a serving plate and stuff the cooked rice and serve! 

So colourful and tasty!!!!

Hope you liked this recipe!


With love,


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