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Biscuit Cake |No Bake Biscuit Cake | No Bake Cake Recipe | Quick and Easy Cake Recipe

Hi Supermoms,

Whether it a  get together, a party or any function at home, the menu for these occasions is incomplete without a dessert. Instead of standing near the gas stove or the oven for hours baking/cooking a dessert, how about making an exotic looking and tasting cake within 15 minutes and that too with just three ingredients ? 

Does it sound interesting ?
This biscuit cake is my daughter's favourite dessert and she always enjoys making them herself.
This recipe is a keeper. If you have kids at home, then get them involved in making this cake. 

Last Sunday I had made this Biscuit Cake in 'Masterchefmom Snap Kitchen' and so many of you sent me 'smileys' and showed your love and appreciation for the recipe. I am so thankful. I am updating this recipe with new pictures. Do try this dessert and you will love the taste.

Biscuit Cake

Biscuit Cake :

Total time : 15 minutes

Chef Tips  : 

1.Use only refrigerated cream and while scooping out the cream, take only the thick cream part and leave aside the watery part as we need thick  cream mixture to make the cake.
2. I have used only a hand whisk to make the cream layer, but if you have an electric beater, you can always whip the cream- cocoa mixture.
3. You can make as many layers of biscuits you want.
4. You can garnish every layer with chocolate gratings or fruits to make it look more rich and classy.
5. You can arrange the cake in a jar or individual glass to serve your guests.
6. In case the cream mixture is lightly watery, you can add more icing sugar and whip again. 
7. Allowing the cake to refrigerate for 3-5 hours helps the biscuits to absorb the cream and the entire cake tastes even yummier.

Ingredients :

18-24 Parle  G  Biscuits ( or any glucose biscuit)
1/4 cup Cocoa + 2 cups icing sugar OR 1/2 cup Drinking Chocolate
100 ml Fresh Cream OR whipping cream ( place it in the freezer compartment for at least 1 hour before using it) 

For garnish :

sugar sprinkles/ chocolate gratings/fresh fruits/dry fruits /GEMS or M&M's / chocolate syrup

Method :

1. Using a metal hand whisk, whip the cream .

2. Add the Drinking Chocolate and whisk again. Your mousse is ready!
Note : If adding cocoa and icing sugar, add the cocoa first to the cream and then add icing sugar little by little and whisk them until it is smooth and lump free. 

3. Now, in a tray /plate or individual bowl/glass , first apply a small coating of the mousse. Then place the biscuits. Top it again with mousse and continue this pattern.

4. With the remaining mousse, cover the biscuits and then decorate the pudding. 

 Refrigerate for at least half an hour and enjoy the BISCUIT CAKE .

Biscuit Cake

 The cake was too yum! 

Not only kids, but you will also have a great time making this dessert that is totally fuss free , easy and delicious !

Happy Cooking !

With love,


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