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Mysore Pak | Gram Flour Fudge | How to make Mysore Pak | Expert tips and tricks | Stepwise Pictures | Gluten Free Recipe | Diwali Special Recipe

Mysore Pak | Gram Flour Fudge |  How to make Mysore Pak | Expert tips and tricks

Hi Supermoms,

If you have lived in South India then you would have not missed tasting the very popular sweet /fudge "MysorePak". It is even known as the "King of South Indian Sweets". 

Like Badusha , Jangiri and Laddoos, they are made for all special functions including marriages in the South.

The name and fame of this traditional sweet has only increased with time. Popular Sweet Shops like the 'Krishna Sweets' have grown and become popular due to this Sweet.

Such is the taste of "MysorePak". There are many variations in this sweet - some like it soft and melt in the mouth, some like it a little crispy, some like it in shades of brown etc. Infact many friends complain that in the Mysorepak that you buy from shop, the ghee is just too overpowering and even a single piece becomes too heavy to eat.

Mysore Pak | Gram Flour Fudge |  How to make Mysore Pak | Expert tips and tricks

Now, coming to today's recipe...when there are so many 'Mysorepak 'recipes on the web..what is special about this recipe?

During my Navratri Golu Hopping , I was fortunate to meet Mrs.Geeta Ganesh who treated us to some AMAZING MYSOREPAK's ,with just the perfect colour, taste and texture. You just can't stop with one.

When I expressed my wish to learn her way of making these perfect fudges she was so sweet to oblige and I had such a great time in her kitchen while making the "MysorePak".

This post is an effort to bring you the recipe to make Perfect Yummy MysorePak with Step by Step pictures. 


Preparation time : 5 minutes
Cooking time : 30-40 minutes
Yield : 50 pieces 
Special Vessel : Heavy Bottom Pans / Karahi, Ladle to keep stirring the mixture. 

NOTE : Use the same Cup/Vessel to measure gramflour, Sugar and Ghee to get this recipe correctly. I have used 250ml Cup to measure the three ingredients.

Ingredients :

2 Cups Besan /Gram Flour/Kadalai Maavu ( sifted)
4 Cups Sugar
4 Cups Ghee/Clarified Butter ( Divided including greasing of vessel)
Milk( adjust to cover the sugar )

Before you start, first grease a vessel/plate in which you can set the Mysore Pak.


1. In a pan, melt the required amount of Ghee and keep it in low flame. The ghee should be 'hot 'through out this recipe. So heat the ghee in a heavy bottom pan so that it does not burn and keep it in low flame through out the recipe.

2. In  another wide heavy bottom pan , add the Besan and 2 cups of hot ghee, mix well and keep stirring in  low flame . You will see that the colour lighly changes as the Besan loses its raw smell . It will take approximately 5 minutes to 7 minutes  in low flame for this quantity. 
TIP:  Do not overdo this stage as the Besan will then become very dark.

TIP: You can see that the Besan has slighly changed colour and has started to bubble, just remove from flame. 

You can either transfer this to another bowl and prepare sugar syrup in the same vessel or take another heavy bottom pan for making the Sugar syrup. 

3. Take sugar in a pan( I used the same pan), and add enough milk just to cover the sugar and let the sugar melt . You need to get one string consistency of sugar syrup. 

TIP: The impurities in the sugar will rise up, you can use a small sieve ladle to remove them.
NOTE : You can see how you need to keep the Ghee in low flame through out the process. Use a really heavy bottom pan.

TIP: To check the string consistency, you can keep a small bowl of water, just drop the syrup into the cup, if it does not mix with water, your syrup is ready.

4. Now add the Besan-ghee mixture into the syrup.

5. Keep stirring. Add Hot Ghee 2 ladles at this stage. 

TIP: You need to keep stirring the mixture in one hand and pour the ghee in another. Keep the gas in low flame when you are adding Ghee.

6. You can see that the mixture will keep absorbing the Ghee within another 2-3 minutes...add two ladles again. 

Keep repeating this process and incorporate the ghee into the mixture, little at a time.

IMPORTANT STEP : You will find the outer side/ ring of the mixture bubling and rolling by itself inward. This is the perfect time to switch off.

Pour them into the greased trays. Keep them in an airy place for around  10 minutes and cut them into any shape  with a greased Knife.

Your yummy MYSORE PAK is ready!!!

Mysore Pak | Gram Flour Fudge |  How to make Mysore Pak | Expert tips and tricks

Wishing you all a very Happy and Joyous Diwali and Happy Cooking!!

With Love,



  1. Yummm.. Krishna sweets laam pakathula nikka mudiyadhu ..

    1. Thank you so much Rekha .You have made my Diwali so special.

  2. Can i use water in the place of milk

  3. Yes Jeena, you can add water. Milk is added for the rich taste.


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