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Chettinad Rasam | How to make Chettinad Style Rasam | How to prepare Chettinad Rasam as Soup/Welcome Drink | Stepwise Pictures

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'Rasam'  is a  popular appetiser . 'Rasam' or Chaaru/ Saaru is a flavourful South Indian Soup made  from the juice of tamarind, tomatoes along with or without the Lentil broth. It can be sipped  and enjoyed like a soup  or mixed with rice. It is a great appetiser and has medicinal properties too. Even when someone at home is unwell, we make special 'Milagu rasam' that soothes cold and cough. 
I had prepared the 'Chettinad Rasam Powder' and made this rasam as a 'Soup/Welcome drink' for my friends who had come home for lunch. All of them enjoyed it as this rasam is soothing for the throat and needless to say acts as a detox for our system.
Through this recipe, I am going to share my way of preparing rasam as a 'Welcome Drink'. 

Chettinad Rasam :

Preparation time : 10 minutes
Cooking time : 25 -30 minutes
Serves : 4
1 cup = 250 ml cup

Ingredients :

1 small lemon size tamarind 
2 large tomatoes ( pureed)
1 tablespoon mung dal/moong dal/ husked green gram
1 &1/2 teaspoon Chettinad rasam powder
A pinch of asafoetida
Salt to taste

Method :

1. Soak tamarind in 2 cups of warm water for 10 minutes.
2. While the tamarind is soaking, boil mung dal in 1 & 1/2  cups of water . 
TIP: I boiled the mung dal in a vessel kept inside a pressure cooker. Pressure cooked upto 3 whistles only. Otherwise, you can boil it in a vessel directly on the gas, as this dal boils quickly and we are going to use only the broth/water.
3. Extract juice from the tamarind .

4. Let the tamarind juice simmer in low flame for 2 minutes.
5. Add the tomato puree and the rasam powder. Mix well.

6. Close the vessel with a lid allowing a small vent and let the rasam simmer for atleast 10 minutes.

7. Now add the dal broth ( water extracted from the mung dal).
TIP: You can use the dal in your vegetable/subzi.

8. Taste the rasam and adjust water quantity.
9. Add salt and a pinch of asafoetida.
10. Simmer for another 5 minutes and switch off.
11. You can serve them in Chai Glasses or Coffee mugs.

I did not temper the rasam . However if you are fond of tempering, you can heat just a teaspoon of ghee in a iron ladle and add 1/4 teaspoon mustard seeds. When it splutters, add the curry leaves and temper the rasam. You can also garnish with finely chopped cilantro leaves.

Soothing, Healing and tasty rasam ready in minutes. Preparing the rasam powder in advance helps to quickly make this rasam.

Happy Cooking !

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  1. I love rasam! Thank you for sharing this lovely recipe.
    Have a nice day, MasterchefMom!

    1. Thanks Sharon , so glad you to hear that you like rasam too.

  2. I love Rasam a lot. Have never made it though, I must try.

    1. I am a die hard fan of rasam, Bhavna. It is also easy to prepare at home. Do give it a try!

  3. Rasam looks delicious. Yum Yum :)

  4. What a delicious rasam ..Looks perfect in your presentation.

  5. Rasam s my comfort food this version looks interesting yum

    1. Thanks Vidya ! I like this version too ! Easy and no need to boil the dal !

  6. Tried the rasam for lunch today. Taste so yummy and unique. Thank you for the recipe


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