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Kumbakonam Degree Coffee | Filter Coffee Recipe | How to make Filter Coffee at Home | Kumbakonam Degree Coffee Recipe by Masterchefmom

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Many of us start our day with a steaming hot cup of coffee. A strong filter coffee usually makes my day brighter and happier. Apart from Coffee having various health benefits, it also tastes delicious. There are so different methods to brew a coffee. A huge subject by itself. Today, I am going to share about the popular 'Kumbakonam Degree Coffee'. 
You must be wondering what is so special about the Kumbakonam Degree coffee ? Well, the coffee is  strong in the terms of the coffee decoction and is  prepared using full cream milk, which helps to froth more than skimmed milk. ‘Degree Paal’  means  fresh  undiluted cowmilk. As this milk is used to make coffee , so the name  ‘Degree’ Coffee .

To get a good colour in your coffee, you can use coffee:chickory = 70:30 ratio while grinding the coffee powder . 

Though in olden days, bronze filters were used to brew coffee, nowadays, Stainless Steel Filter with two compartments is used to brew the coffee.The upper compartment has perforation or small holes  where we add the coffee powder and then pour hot water over it. An umbrella is used to gently press the coffee powder before adding hot water. When you use the umbrella, the decoction collected is much stronger and more flavourful , though it takes a longer time . It is best to brew the coffee at night so that you wake up to fresh decoction , first thing in the morning ! Drinking coffee in the traditional 'Dabara -Tumbler' is just amazing !!

Kumbakonam Degree Coffee | How to make Kumbakonam Degree Coffee at Home

Kumbakonam Degree Coffee | How to make Kumbakonam Degree Coffee at Home:

Preparation time : 5 minutes
Cooking time : 25-30 minutes
Serves : 4-6
1 cup =250 ml cup


4 tablespoons Filter Coffee Powder 
1 cup Water 
3 cups Milk 
Sugar (to taste)


To prepare the coffee decoction:-

  1. Remove the umbrella from the filter (percolator)
  2. Add the coffee powder into the upper compartment
  3. Place the umbrella gently
  4. Heat water till it starts boiling. Switch off.
  5. Pour it slowly over the umbrella till the brim of the top compartment of the filter
  6. Close the lid and allow the ‘decoction’ to collect in the botton compartment

To prepare the coffee:-

Add sugar to the decoction and froth it well by pouring it between tumblers.

Boil milk and froth it by pouring it between tumblers 2-3 times.

Now add the required decoction for one coffee in every tumbler and add the milk slowly and from a height.

Top the tumbler with the remaining froth and serve.

Serve it steaming hot. Kumbakonam Degree Coffee is ready!

Chef Tips :

1. The quantity of coffee powder will differ depending upon the size of the filter used. You can use ready made packed filter coffee powder or get a personalised fresh coffee powder ground in the shop 
2. The milk has to be boiling hot.

How to make Filter Coffee

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