Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bachelor Recipes | Healthy, Simple and Innovative Cooking Ideas

Hello everyone, 

First of all, thank you so much for your continuous and consistent motivation and encouragement to my recipes .  On your request , I have specially created healthy, quick , popular recipes  for all of you living abroad or away from your home. Many of you are staying with friends/room mates and are bored of eating hotel/hostel food every day.  

 It is so good to interact directly with all of you who are living away from home doing your higher education /work  . Many of these recipes have been requested by you . I have mixed traditional and new/fusion recipes , keeping in mind the right balance of taste and health. 

These easy and handy recipes  will help you get over home sickness and also make you feel enthusiastic and happy when you cook dishes that will keep you connected to home and mom 😍😍. 

I feel so happy to answer all your queries . When I see the pictures of the dishes that you send, I am so thrilled. You can send me your recipe queries/ feedbacks and also requests for recipe demonstration .

Here are the recipes that I have demonstrated on my cooking workshops ( live in instagram, face book and snapchat ) . 

Episode 1: Murungaikeerai Molagaipodi

Episode 2:Vengaya Vathal Kuzhambu

Episode 3: Ellu Urundai/ Til Laddoo

Episode 4:Quick and Easy dishes with Poha/beaten rice - Poha Porridge ( No cook )

 Spicy Poha Upma

Episode 5 :Cilantro Pesto Pasta

Episode 6: Bournvita Brownie in a Mug

Episode 7: 5 Minute Pull- Apart Garlic Cheese Buns

Episode 8:Potato Nachos

Episode 9: Kumbakonam Degree Coffee

Episode 10: No Bake Apple Streusal

Episode 11 :One Pot Vegetable Biryani

Episode 12 : Bisi Bele Bath

More Quick and Easy Recipes  ( that can be cooked with minimum effort) from my blog for easy reference :

For breakfast/dinner/anytime snacks :

2. Poha Idli / Aval Idli /Beaten Rice idli ( no fermentation required)

8. Home Style Rava Upma with only onions 

12. Baked Beans on Toast with Indian Twist ( you can use canned baked beans )

13. Bread Dhokla ( Instant Dhokla, no cooking required)

14. Bread Dosai ( Instant dosai batter)

15. Pull Apart Cheese Buns ( Quick recipe)

16. Nachos and Home made Cheese ( Quick recipe)

20. Fried Tofu/Teriyaki Tofu/Paneer ( Takes less than 5-7 minutes )

25. Karacha Mavu Dosai ( Instant dosai mixing flours)

26. Oats Pongal ( quick pongal recipe)

27. Cheela ( using flour)

31. Pasta Aglio e Olio ( Garlic flavoured pasta) 

35. French Toast with Cheese ( Masterchefmom's Cheench Toast )

36. Egg Roll ( quick recipe)

One Pot Dishes : 

Vegetable Biryani ( Tried and Tested over 2 decades)

Curry Leaves Rice ( using dried curry leaves powder) 

Side dishes ( Sabzi/ curries/chutneys):

Will keep adding more to this list.

Happy Cooking !

With love,


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