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Thengai Burfi | Traditional South Indian Style Coconut Burfi | Stepwise Pictures | Festival Special Recipe| Bakshanam Series by Masterchefmom

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'Diwali ', the Festival of Lights is just round the corner and our Indian festivals are best celebrated with sweets. I have earlier shared Coconut Laddoo recipe, but today I am sharing the most authentic coconut burfi recipe that was cooked and demonstrated by my MIL in instagram. She has been making this recipe for more than 40 years and every time it turns out perfect. So, without any hesitation, you can confidently make this recipe for your family and friends this Diwali . 

I know many of my South Indian friends must be having loads of coconut at home at this time as Navratri has just got over . SO, do make use of the excess coconut by making this delicious Indian Sweet.  Ghee is used only to roast the cashew nuts which is an optional step. If you are Vegan, you can completely skip the ghee part and grease the container with coconut oil or any flavourless oil. 

With just 5 ingredients and less than 20 minutes, your diwali sweet is ready ! True to the word 'BURFi' ( meaning white as snow), this white coloured dessert is so yummy !

Thengai Burfi | Traditional South Indian Style Coconut Burfi

Thengai Burfi | Traditional South Indian Style Coconut Burfi:

Preparation time : 15 minutes 
Cooking time : 15 minutes
Makes : 500 gms of coconut burfi
1 cup = 250 ml cup
Special Vessel : Grease a tray/plate with ghee and keep it ready before you start making the burfi

Ingredients :

2 cups fresh coconut ( grated) ( loosely packed)
1 and 1/4 cup sugar 
10 cashew nuts ( halved)
1 tablespoon ghee/clarified butter 
5 green cardamoms ( finely ground without the skin)
1/2 cup water 

Method :

1. Grate the coconut ( only the white flesh) . 
Note : I had to remove the brown skin by peeling it and then powdered it in a mixer. But if you have a coconut scrapper, then it is the best.

2. Heat a pan and gently toss the coconut over low flame by continuously stirring it so that the extra moisture is absorbed and remove from pan.
Note : Do not overdo this step or the coconut will start to brown. This step will take just 2 minutes.

3. Place the same pan over low heat and add sugar and half cup water.

4. Once the sugar melts, add the coconut and keep stirring till the entire sugar coconut mixture comes together and becomes non -sticky.

Note: It is always better to cook the burfi in low flame.
5. In parallel, you can heat a small pan , add ghee and roast the cashew nuts and pour it into the burfi.

6. Continue to stir till you see small foam like bubbles on the sides of the pan and the entire mixture comes together.

7. Switch off.
8. Pour the burfi mixture into the plate/tray and gently press it using the back of the spoon so that it is of uniform height.

9. Using a greased knife, cut the burfi ( while it is hot itself) into desired shapes.

10. Once cool, you can remove the burfi into individual squares and serve.

Your delicious Diwali sweet is ready !!!

Thengai Burfi | Traditional South Indian Style Coconut Burfi

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Happy Cooking !

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