Friday, November 18, 2016

Karuvepillai Podi | How to make Fresh Curry Leaves Powder | Tips and Tricks to Store Curry Leaves | Healthy Recipe

Karuvepillai Podi

Hi Supermoms,

" Karuvepillai" is the Tamil name for Curry Leaves . The word " Karu- vepillai" literally translates to 'Black/Dark Neem leaves". The curry leaves resemble the neem leaves in a darker shade. Also, like the neem leaves, the curry leaves are also filled with anti-oxidants and nutrients beneficial for healthy living. During my childhood, I remember my grandmother always reminding me to chew and eat the curry leaves that she used to generously use in her rasams. She used to so sweetly convince me that my hair would never turn grey till even 50 years if I diligently chew the curry leaves on my plate and I can have long luscious hair. 

And today, I want to share the goodness of curry leaves and the way you can store them in your kitchen for many months as some of you may find it difficult to get in their vegetable markets. 

Karuvepillai is a super food. It is great for the body internally and externally. Do you know that many mothers and grandmothers use the leaves to make herbal oil ? They are also used as a medicine for cuts and burns. Is'nt it amazing ! 

So, when you see curry leaves, do make sure to buy a large batch and make this powder. You can use a small quantity in all dishes that you prepare and of course in your hair oil too 😃.

Karuvepillai Podi

Karuvepillai Powder | Curry Leaf Powder :

Preparation time : 1 hour
Cooking/Sun drying time : 15-20 minutes ( on low flame) , A day in sun light 
Makes : 300 gms of curry leaves powder

Ingredients :

150-200 sprigs curry leaves 

Important note :

You can make a small batch of the curry leaves powder to start with. 


1. Remove the leaves and wash them thoroughly.

2. Pat dry them in a kitchen towel.

3. If you get good sunlight , you can sun dry the leaves. 

Tip: The time it takes to dry, will depend upon the heat.

Alternate Method :

You can heat a kadai or lage wide pan, and dry roast the leaves over low flame .

Chef tip: When you crush the leaves, it must crumble.

4. Grind the leaves to a fine powder in a mixer/food processor.
5. Aloow them to cool completely.
6. Transfer them to an air tight container or a zip lock cover. 

Your curry leaf powder is ready to be used in all your dishes . 

 Curry Leaves Powder

Have you tried my Murungai keerai Podi ?

Happy Cooking !

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