Friday, September 1, 2017

Vazhaithandu Recipes | Banana Stem Recipes

Vazhaithandu Recipes | Banana Stem Recipes

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'Vazhaithundu' (in Tamil ) or the Banana Stem is full of dietary fibre and  detoxifies our body. There are so many health benefits of consuming Banana stem regularly.  They are helpful in weight management especially reducing belly fat, promotes healthy kidney functioning and also prevents acidity.

The main part of making the banana stem sambar is chopping the banana stem, which requires skill and practise . 

How to clean the banana stem ? 

1. Remove/peel the external layers of the stem.

2.Then cut them into roundels and when cutting each roundel, remove the fibre that protrudes using your index finger. 
3.Keep a vessel with buttermilk mixed water and turmeric powder ready. 
4.Chop the banana stem into thicker juliennes or finely chop them and soak them in the buttermilk water till use. 
5.This helps to prevent any discolouration of the stem.

Here are a few Banana Stem recipes from my blog for your easy reference:

Will keep adding more banana stem recipes. 

Happy Cooking !

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