Monday, December 11, 2017

Pesarattu Burger | Masterchefmom's Fusion Recipe

Pesarattu Burger

Hi Supermoms,

It is Monday morning and many of you must be busy packing lunch boxes for your little ones. Waking up the child, getting breakfast ready, lending a hand in helping the child find his  or her "can't find this amma.."things and then filling the water bottle and packing the tiffin box , seeing  the child  catch the bus on time and only then  sitting down to have a cup of coffee . Yes, school mornings,  can get really stressful . 

But what can be done to bring some excitement in this situation is the variety and innovation in the lunch box dish that you send  to school ( You can get all my fusion recipes here) . I always found myself so happy whenever I  created something tasty ( approved by the child and her friends) , sneaking in some healthy dish but presented it well. 

One such dish that I created recently was the 'Pesarattu Burger' made using the left over Pesarattu batter . I usually grind my batter really thick and it helped me make  pancakes perfect to fit in as a burger patty. I also added a few vegetables to the batter to add taste. But that is completely optional. 

I even cut up the patty into wedges and served them as such with sauce. It tasted so good. It is a great party starter too. Pesarattu batter is made by grinding soaked whole green gram along with spices. It is wholesome and also delicious. 

Next time you grind batter for pesarattu, do try this burger recipe. 

Pesarattu Burger

Pesarattu Burger Recipe : 

Preparation time : 10 minutes
Cooking time : 10 minutes
Makes : 4 burgers
1 cup = 250 ml cup


2 cups Pesarattu batter ( thick)
4 burger buns
2 large tomatoes ( sliced)
1 onion ( sliced)
5-6 lettuce leaves or cabbage leaves ( optional)
4 cheese slices or paneer/cottage cheese slices 
10 mint leaves 
1 tablespoon tomato ketchup or sauce of your choice 
salt and black pepper to sprinkle over the vegetables
1 teaspoon oil ( to cook the pesarattu)
1 tablespoon butter


1. Heat a tava and just spoon a small ladle of batter on the tava and do not spread it.
Chef tip: You can sprinkle finely chopped onions and herbs of your choice on top if you like.

2. Once it is cooked on one side, flip and cook the other side.
3. If you are using a big tava, you can make 4 small patties on one go.
4. To assemble the burger, first toast the halved burger buns on the tava using butter.

5. Apply the tomato sauce on both the inside halves and then start arranging the vegetables .
Chef tip : You can customise the burger with your child's favourite vegetables and sauces . 

6. Place the pesarattu patty, cheese slice and close the bun.

You can serve them immediately or pack them for lunch box. Delicious Pesarattu Burgers are now ready. 

Pesarattu Burger

Happy Cooking !

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