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Thakkali Nellikai Rasam | Tomato Gooseberry Rasam Recipe | South Indian Soup Recipe

Thakkali Nellikai Rasam

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The cold weather in Delhi demands a hot cup of rasam . As you all know, 'Rasam' is an integral part of my everyday cooking. This South Indian clear soup that is full of flavours is one of my favourite dishes to cook. 

Grown up inhaling the flavours of rasam, I simply love to try new rasam flavours. You can check out the various rasam recipes I have shared earlier. 

I love adding gooseberries to rasam and recently I came across a recipe shared by dear Shanthi Didi and I wanted to try it immediately. I loved the simplicity of the recipe and loved it even more when my family could not find out that the rasam had Nellikai/gooseberry. 

The gooseberry and tomatoes were so well blended and the dash of lemon juice also added the required tanginess to the rasam. 

Adding a teaspoon or two of homemade rasam powder, brings more authentic taste to this rasam. 

Thakkali Nellikai Rasam

Recipe Courtesy : Mrs. Shanthi Ramachandran

Thakkali Nellikai Rasam:

Preparation time : 10 minutes
Cooking time : 35-40 minutes
Serves : 4-6 
1 cup = 250 ml cup 

Ingredients :

1/2 cup pigeon peas/tuvar dal/arhar dal 
1 medium size Indian gooseberry 
1 tomato 
2 green chillies
1& 1/2 teaspoon rasam powder 
juice of half lemon ( medium size) 
1/8 teaspoon turmeric powder 
salt to taste

For tempering :

1 teaspoon ghee /clarified butter
1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds
pinch of asafoetida

For garnish :

curry leaves ( torn)
handful of roughly chopped coriander leaves ( optional) 

Method :

1. Wash the toor dal twice and add approximately 2 cups of water .

2. Add gooseberry, tomato and green chilli along with the dal and add turmeric powder.
3. Pressure cook this mixture over low to medium flame for 3-4 whistles and switch off.
Chef tip : You can use a small pressure cooker to cook this mixture separately or you can keep a separator while cooking rice with this tomato-gooseberry- toor dal-green chilli combination. 
Add a tomato to this mixture
4. Once the pressure releases, remove the skin of the tomato and the seed of the gooseberry.

5. Use a wooden hand whisk to mash and whisk the mixture .
6. Transfer this to a heavy bottom vessel and add another 1-2 cups of water . 
7. Place it over low heat and add  rasam powder and salt.
8. After 10-12 minutes , you will see the rasam beginning to froth .
9. Now add the curry leaves and coriander leaves and switch off.
10. Taste the rasam and add the freshly squeezed lemon juice accordingly. 
Chef tip : The level of tanginess will vary according to the variety of gooseberry and tomato. So, tasting and then adding the required amount of lemon juice is very important step.
11. Heat a small iron ladle with ghee and temper with mustard seeds and pinch of asafoetida.
12. Your delicious and healthy Tomato Gooseberry Rasam is now ready to be enjoyed as a soup or to be served along with rice. 

Thakkali Nellikai Rasam

Happy Cooking !

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