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The Krishna Thali 2019 | Indian Thali Ideas By Masterchefmom #013 | Gluten Free and Refined Sugar Free Snack Recipes

Indian Thali Ideas

Hi Supermoms,

From Mid July to October, there are so many Indian festivals and sometimes they come so close to each other. Like I have mentioned earlier, the most important part any Indian festival is the  special food .

The food prepared is first offered as Prashad/neivedyam and then shared among friends and family. Krishna Jayanthi or the Krishna Janmashtami is the celebration of the birthday of Lord Krishna. As it is believed that he was born at mid-night, the celebrations start after sun-set. 

Usually special sweets and snacks are prepared on this day. A sweet dish made using beaten rice /aval/poha is mandatory reminding one of the story of Krishna's best friend Sudama and the take away from the story -the importance of sharing food with people around .
This year I made  Aval Puttu/ Poha Puttu which is a super easy and delicious sweet dish using beaten rice and jaggery. 

Since it is a snack heavy day, I prepared simple lunch and cleaned up my kitchen by 11 am. After that I prepared the basic Bakshanam flour . Once you have this flour ready, you can make many different types of bakshanams or snacks . 

Indian Thali Ideas

Since Medhu Vadai is a favourite at home, soaked urad dal for the same. Made the cardamom flavoured jaggery syrup , soaked the vadai and made the Bellam Garelu/ Vella Vadai . 

With the Bakshanam flour, I made the mullu murukku. Also used up the bananas by making the nei appams with a mix of ground rice, chopped coconut and bananas. 

Offered all these snacks with a large dollop of butter as prashad. 

Here are the recipe links to all these dishes :

-Bakshanam Series ( find all traditional recipes in this link)

The Krishna Thali

Cooking these dishes in the true spirit of the festival is in itself a spiritual journey - A 'Tapas'. Don't you agree ?

Happy Cooking !

With love,


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